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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usEminem's ex-wife, Kim Mathers, recently divorced for the second time, sat down for an exclusive interview with 20/20's JuJu Chang to set the record straight about her bad girl image and her near 20-year love-hate relationship with the rap icon.

Here are a few snippets:
"Money is great, but it doesn't make your husband stay at home with you," said Mathers. "Or sleep in the same bed with you … Him being on the road and on tour … that was like the big one. I mean … constant infidelities, all the time," she said.
"He would constantly try to belittle me and make me think, like, I should be grateful, basically, that he was with me," said Mathers.
Mathers said she felt the most powerless in the summer of 2000, when Eminem called her a tramp in his song "Kim." The graphic and violent lyrics, which Eminem says were never intended to be taken literally, depict him pretending toFree Image Hosting at kill her.

Soon after the song's release, she says Eminem promised her he wouldn't perform it at a hometown concert.

"And sure enough, he decided to do that song, and not only perform the song, but use blow-up dolls to re-enact … me being choked … just [doing] disrespectful things to the blow-up doll and then [throwing] the doll into the crowd," said Mathers. "Just watching everybody else singing the words and laughing, jumping around … I couldn't take it."

Mathers says that the betrayal drove her right over the edge. "I made it home," she said, "and I went upstairs in my bathroom and I slit my wrists and ended up in the hospital."