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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wowww...a listener of the XM Radio show Opie and Anthony responded to their challenge to offer "conspicuous public commentary on Banks' weight"...and this is what they got!

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This is outside of the CBS studio where the Tyra Show is taped.

What is a Fatty Pig Fatty? Well the radio duo launched a contest in '06 for fat people called the "Fatty Pig Fatty" Contest where the winner $10 for every pound they weighed (i.e. 350 lbs.=$3500) sponsored by the diet drug Hoodia...

This is what the contest rules said:

Are you a Big Beautiful Woman (a ‘BBW’)? Are you sporting some extra
baggage? Are you plump? Are you a beefy gal? Do you have a hard time
NOT nose-diving into a buffet? Well, if so…WE WANT YOU…to point
and laugh at. Of course, we are willing to PAY handsomely for the
privilege. Here’s the skinny… or the not-so-skinny, if you will:
- From now until we decide it’s over, haul ass to our Free FM studio
(40 West 57th St in NYC)…
- Strap on a bikini (or other revealing outfit)
- Put on a PIG MASK (we have one for you)
- Have a snack…or fifty…
At the end of this contest, the HEAVIEST gal to grace the Opie and
Anthony Show with her presence is going to win $10 for every pound on
her body. 350 pounds = $3500.00. Now that, ladies…is a lot of
hamburgers. Good luck!