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On the nationally syndicated "Tom Joyner Morning Show," Bobby said the arrangement -- in which Brown had his $19,000 bail paid -- in exchange for a week of on-air appearances -- was a figment of Hot 99.5's imagination. "That didn't happen," he said on the phone from Los Angeles. "They didn't pay it. A bunch of my friends got together and got me out."

Brown's lawyer, Phaedra Parks, clarified a bit. She told Joyner that she had, in fact, spoken to Hot 99.5 about this deal, but that "they never paid a penny," and that Bobby's brother actually brought the money.

Today, Hot 99.5 posted an email between its program director and Parks, describing a deal in which Brown would be paid $27,638 to "work for" the station. The former New Edition star spent three nights behind bars last week in Masschusetts for failing to pay child support, and then hung up on station DJs ten minutes into their first on-air chat.