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Bobby Valentino Exclusive Interview

So I had the opportunity to talk to R&B hottie Bobby Valentino about his upcoming sophomore album and his new single Anonymous…He’s very sweet, personable and hoping to bring back R&B, which I am definitely loving! So check out the audio and make sure to look out for the new album out April 3rd


Melody: So I know the time is limited, so I really want to jump right into the new album, tell me a little bit about it.

Bobby Valentino: Okay, the new album is called Special Occasion, it will be in stores April 3rd. My goal on this album was to really step my game up, I really wanted to grow as an artist. I worked with different producers, Tim & Bob did 90 percent of my last album, this album right here, I worked with Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Dre & Vidal, Brian Cox, so I got a chance to really work with some heavy-hitters, I mean a lot of people involved musically. So, you know what I’m saying, it was a real blessing to work with all these people, so this project is gonna be crazy.

M: So it’s gonna crazy, so can you tell me what’s different from your debut album, or what people can expect from this second album, is it more adult oriented?

B: Really, yeah, it’s gonna be real soulful, it’s gonna be how I always come, just like my last album really, except it’s gonna have a couple different sounds on it, because I worked with other producers on there, but I’m definitely guaranteeing it’s gonna be hot. My goal is to bring R&B back where it was back in the 90s when rushed out and got an R&B album. It’s like, now you need hip hop, it’s dominant in music, and I’m trying to just be the forerunner of bringing R&B back.

M: I read where you say that you’ve just begun, so you really haven’t shown everything that you can do, so is this album going help you to get you the real sound that you want people to know from Bobby Valentino?

B: Yeah, definitely, you know with an artist like myself, I got a life of my own and I’m trying to crack that lane wide open. I try to do things a little different than what other R&B artists do, you know so that I can separate myself and I have longevity. It’s like if everybody dong the same thing, then it not going to be anything special about you. So I just hope that people would see that in me and in my music and will help me to be able to do this music thing for a long time.

M: I know that longevity is not fortunate for everyone, so a sophomore album alone is a large accomplishment, so tell me a little bit about what happened between “Blackberry Molasses” and your debut album.

B: Well I call that the grind point in my Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.uslife. Because it’s like one thing about this business it’s very simple, you can be here today, gone tomorrow. You know when I was in Mista, I was just having fun singing and traveling, you know I was like 13. I didn’t really know the business, but that experience help me to learn about the business of music, instead of the music business. I didn’t really make any money or nothing. But now, I’m more wiser and I know how to handle my money, and I know about the business. So after the group broke up I went back to high school, graduated from high school, I went to college. I went to Clark Atlanta University and graduated from college, so in between that time I still was working, I was still in the studio and I just kept doing my thing. It was a blessing that everything came together and I never gave up.

M: Are there any other artists that you worked with on this album?

B: I got Fabolous on the album and Timbaland on the album, I really didn’t want to put a lot of features on the album, I really want people to get to know me, ‘cause I still feel like I’m a new artist.

M: So tell me about your new single, Anonymous.

B: Anonymous is produced and featuring Timbaland, it’s out of here. I feel like to me Slow Down, it was a big record, a real big record, and I’m grateful for that, but it was times I call that record the gift and the curse. It was a gift because it was a huge record, it set records and everything, with Sound Scan and BES. But the curse is, when you have such a huge hit, people kind of always expect that from you all the time, so it’s hard to do something else. So this record right here, I feel it’s a step up from Slow Down, it’s that growth, it’s a Bobby V record, and I definitely fell this is going to be the record that puts me over the top and gets me where I want to be in my career.

M: So what are the next steps for you, are you planning on going out on the road, any tours?

B: Yeah I have a couple offers on the table for tours, I’m definitely trying to e touring this summer, so ya’ll keep your eyes open. But definitely that’s my main thing is touring because I love to perform. That’s one of my favorite parts about being in the music industry. It’s like once you put out an album, just when people know your music, and singing your songs, it’s just an overwhelming feeling.

M: So the video for Anonymous, when can we look for that?

B: I’m actually shooting it this weekend, I’m shooting in L.A. actually Sunday, so in like two weeks you should be seeing it, I’d say 2 and a half weeks with editing and stuff.

M: That’s gonna be hot, definitely looking forward to that.

B: Have you heard the song Anonymous?

M: Yes, I have heard Anonymous, it is hot, I definitely like it, Timbaland always does his thing but you know I’m a big Bobby V fan myself and…

B: And I’m a fan of you [working the cool points…lol]

M: Ahhh…Thank you so much [my gracious school girl laugh…] you know I’m an R&B girl, I try to listen to listen to everything, I’m very eclectic, I like a lot of sounds, but root of all music for me is definitely R&B, it’s my favorite. So for someone who definitely has just true talent, true voice ability, because so many people are products, they don’t really sing, they perform, and so it’s good to see someone who’s really working on bringing R&B back, who’s actually about sing, the vocal ability, making good records, that’s always good.

B: Thank you, I really appreciate that, you’ve made my day with that one statement.

M: No problem, I just like to know [top 10] random stuff, things that people may not know about you…

B: Oh okay, let me see, I have to think about that for a second. Well women are my inspiration.

M: Really? Oh okay.

B: Family is at the top of my list, I came from a good family, and they always bring me when my head gets a little bit above the clouds right back down to earth, family and friends. I love being in the studio, like in my spare time I’m usually recording in the studio. I’m athletic.

M: What type of sports?

B: Football, Basketball, Baseball. I played baseball in college, I had a scholarship and everything. I’m very competitive, anything competitive I like to do. Don’t matter if it’s ping pong or hockey, even if I’ve never done it before, I’m gonna try my best to compete and to win.

M: What’s your favorite ice cream?

B: Butter Pecan, it’s gotta be the quality, Bryers. Not Dryers, Breyers with a “B”.

M: What’s the last good movie you’ve seen?

B: My mind just went blank, it was good too! Uhhh…the dude went to Africa.

M: Umm…Blood Diamond?

B: Yeah! That’s it. That movie was of the chain!

M: I think we’ve may have gotten to ten, but who’s your favorite Dreamgirl. That’s the one I’ve been asking everyone.

B: Of course you gotta love Beyonce, but you gotta love Jennifer Hudson too. She’s just doing her thing!

Make sure to check out the new album Special Occasion hitting shelves April 3rd. Anonymous has been added to the radio, so if you haven't already, check that out too!

If you want to know more about Bobby Valentino, visit his OFFICIAL WEBSITE or his MYSPACE! Also check out the DTP Records Website...