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Monday, April 30, 2007
Kia Drayton, Playboy's Miss December '06 is facing serious drug trafficking charges after a kilo of cocaine was found in her hotel room!

Arrest warrants say that 24-year-old Kia Terrell Drayton and 33-year-old Otis Leon Story, both of Atlanta, were arrested as they left their room at the Residence Inn near North Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday morning.

Their bail was set at $2.2 million dollars each and they remained in jail Thursday night. Drayton identified herself as a Playboy employee during her hearing.

According to police reports, housekeeping staff started cleaning Drayton's room thinking she had checked out. They discovered a black gym bag left on top of a hotel safe and found a brick-shaped package wrapped in duct tape inside the safe. According to police reports, the staff called officers after unwrapping the package and finding a powdery white substance.

Police say when they searched the gold Cadillac Escalade Drayton was driving, they found two handguns. Police say they seized more than 11-hundred grams of cocaine.


Earlier this month I had the pleasure to interview R&B Star Joe as he prepared for his 6th album release. The new album "Ain't Nothing Like Me," in stores now, is described as "a collection of songs that are snapshots from his own life." He's been a staple in R&B music for over a decade giving us hits such as "Don't Wanna Be a Player," "Stutter," and "Love Scene." His voice is comparable any one else, which makes the title that much more appropriate.

Making his way on tour now, you can catch him in a city near you this Spring!


Melody: How are you doing?

Joe: I’m doing good, just running crazy and everything!

M: I bet you are! You are in the eve of another album coming out on the 24th, this is your 6th album, 5th on Jive, that’s really big!

J: Yeah, It’s really big things, I mean it’s time consuming. You’d think it would get easier, but harder these days.

M: I’m sure it’s whole new world, you have online, television, radio, a lot more media outlets…a lot crazier.

J: Yeah, true that.

M: So let’s talk about you new album, the title is “Ain’t Nothin’ Like Me,”

J: That’s right.

M: I like that title because I don’t think there is anyone like Joe,

J: [Laughs] I like to think of myself that way…

M: I would too! You’ve come leaps and bounds in the world of R&B, it’s been over about 14 years since your first album came out in ’93.

J: That’s correct.

M: So you’ve been out in this R&B, music industry world for a long time and that’s rare..It’s not easy to do that, so how do you feel coming into your sixth album?

J: I feel good, I feel like a lot of the pressure is off as far as trying to show and prove, I mean I’ve already done that, right now it’s just about doing hit records and continue to roll with the times. You know it definitely changing on us and you are not gonna just sit back and not be apart of what’s going on in the future.

M: On this album, you worked with a lot of heavy hitters, you know Tim & Bob, Timbaland, Brian Michael Cox, so else worked on production?

J: Ahh, lets see, Cool & Dre out of Miami, Dre & Vidal out of Philly, I also worked with Stargate, a couple of kids from Norway.

M: Okay, I know there are a couple of features on this album, Nas, Fabolous, who are some other people that are featured on the album?

J: Ah yeah, like you said before, you got Fabolous on the album, you got Nas on one of the records, you got Papoose on a record called “Where You At?” and also I got Tony Yayo and Young Buck from G-Unit on the title cut, which is “Ain’t Nothing Like Me.”
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M: Cool, so that sounds like a very diverse album. So I know your first single was “Where You At?” with Papoose, and the second single that’s out now is “If I Was Your Man” and the video is out now, so that’s out on 106 & Park, you can go out and vote for that right?

J: Yeah, that was just added to 106 & Park, and it’s also on Vh1 and MTV…

M: Good, so yeah you can vote for that now and it’s on the radio stations, right?!

J: Right.

M: So, Tours! Your going out on tour with Brian McKnight, right?

J: That’s correct.

M: So, when does that start?

J: We start that tour April 27th, starting on the West Coast, in Oakland and working our way back to the East.

M: Cool, so I know I’ll be looking for you at the House of Blues in New Orleans, on May 31st.

J: Yeah I am looking forward to that!

M: I know me too, I am really excited! So I’ll definitely be making my to New Orleans to check that out…

J: Aight, cool!

M: So your out on the promo tour, so what do you do on the down time? Or you know to relax?

J: Well I’m a real laid back, real chill kind of stuff. If I’m in the club, I’m usually performing or doing an afterparty, you know promoting the record. I don’t usually go out that much. When I do go do some things,I shoot pool, go the movies. Actually, I catch a lot of movies on the plane, to be honest with you. I catch a lot of movies on planes going overseas.

M: So what’s one the more recent movies that was really good?

J: Blood Diamond, that’s one of the recent ones I’ve seen.

M: Really?

J: Excellent movie.

M: You’re the second person I’ve interviewed that’s said that, so I guess I really need to catch that movie.

J: Yeah it was a great movie.

M: Yeah I know it’s been getting rave reviews! So are you married, are you single?

J: Right now I’m single, taking it easy. Not in a rush for the marriage thing right now.

M: No rush? I don’t blame you!

J: [Laughs]

M: So what’s something that a lot of people don’t know about Joe?

J: Um, maybe, I’m pretty much a neat freak.

M: Oh, so you’re a neat freak?

J: Yeah, pretty much, everything in order.

M: Okay, so are you OCD neat freak or just like everything in order?

J: Well I’m not over the top with it, but I guess you can say to most people I’m a little extra with it.

M: Now I know what some may not know about out you, and that’s something that we have in common, its that you’re a preacher’s kid.

J: PK!

M: Yes…

J: You are as well?

M: Yeah, I am, I’m a preacher’s kid.

J: Ayyy! [Laugh]

M: So what was that like, going into secular music.

J: Umm, it was cool. I pretty much had my own choice in making that. I left Georgia, and went to high school in Alabama, and by 18 years old I was in New York. By the time they found out, they saw the video, so their wasn’t any repercussions or any bad thoughts on it.

M: Okay, do you think you’ll ever go back to your gospel roots and put out a gospel album?

J: Who knows, I really can’t predict the future when it comes to something like that. But I will say this, I wouldn’t be the type of person that would put out a album and wasn’t living the same lifestyle as what you’re singing about. I believe that what you sing about, you gotta kind of be that person.

M: Cool, that’s an interesting take on it! So I know that you worked with a lot of people over the years, Mariah Carey, Rodney Jerkins, just a plethora, Mystikal, across the spectrum, Big Pun, is there any personal favorite that you’ve worked with? Or anyone that you really anticipate going into the studio with?

J: Yeah, one of the big persons I worked with was Mariah Carey, that really kind of overwhelmed me because she such a huge superstar, just to get the opportunity to sing with her on a record, and I can respect her as a vocalist ultimately. So getting that opportunity was just the greatest opportunity I could get as a recording artist. And as a duet, she just the hottest person you can get!

M: Yeah, I know right!? So is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you would like to?

J: I would say Beyonce, she’s one of those that would be cool to work with. Dr. Dre, I’ve never worked with him before, he one that would be good to work with. So there’s just a couple people out there.

M: Well I could see you and Beyonce, doing some real R&B together. That’s something I really appreciate about your sound, is that it’s always real true R&B.

J: Why thank you.

M: And that probably not the easiest thing to do when there’s so many trends and fads out, things that come and go, and people want to stay relevant, but you stay relevant but that you stay true R&B.

J: Yeah, you’re right! It’s tough. Right now there’s a lot of Hip Hop and Pop, and that’s the biggest influence in the industry right now, to really stick to my guns and doing what I been doing for years. It’s not that I don’t know anything else, this is what I love doing the most. I love doing R&B music.

M: Well that’s good and really a blessing to be able to continue to do that.

J: Absolutely!

M: So who do you currently listen to? Who’s in your CD player in your car?

J: I’m into singles right now. I like the MIMS record, “This is Why I’m Hot,” Rich Boy, “Throw Some Ds on It,” a lot of hip hop stuff. I do go that new Ne-Yo record, that’s pretty cool right there. I like the Kelly record. There’s a lot going on right now.

M: Yeah there’s a lot of hot music coming out this Spring/Summer…and your album comes out May 24th and it’s called…

J: Ain’t Nothin’ Like Me!

M: Ain’t Nothing’ Like Me…I like that title..I love that! And so everyone can catch you on tour with Brian McKnight and look out for the video now!

J: That’s Right...

M: Well thank you for taking the time to talk with me!

J: No problem, take care!

M: You too!

Unfortunately the sound quality on the interview wasn't great, so I won't post the audio, but I will say he's a doll! His voice is very sexy! So make sure to pick up his album, "Ain't Nothin' Like Me" NOW! His new single "If I Was Your Man" has been added to the Junkie Radio!




Track Listing for "Ain't Nothin' Like Me"
1. Get To Know Me featuring Nas
2. If I Was Your Man
3. I Want Her
4. Where You At featuring Papoose
5. My Love
6. Go Hard
7. Ain’t Nothin’ Like Me featuring Tony Yayo & Young Buck of G-Unit
8. It’s Me
9. Let’s Just Do It featuring Fabolous
10. Feel For You
11. Just Relax featuring Dre
12. Love Is Just A Game
13. You Should Know Me
14. Life Of The Party

Tour Dates
4/27 Oakland, CA - Paramount Theatre
4/29 Los Angeles, CA - Gibson
4/30 Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
5/3 St. Louis, MO - Fox Theatre
5/5 Chicago, IL - Merrillville, Star Plaza
5/6 Cleveland, OH - State Theatre
5/9 Hartford, CT - Oakdale
5/10 Providence, RI
5/11 Westbury, NY - Westbury Music Fair
5/12 Washinton, DC - Constitution Hall
5/13 New York, NY - Beacon Theatre
5/18 Miami, FL - Knights Center
5/19 Atlanta, GA - Chastain Park
5/20 Virginia Beach, VA - Verizon Wireless Theatre
5/24 Louisville, KY - Whitney Hall
5/25 Columbus, OH - Promo West Pavillion
5/26 Charlotte, NC - Cricket Arena
5/27 Orlando, FL - House of Blues
5/31 New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
6/1 Memphis, TN Orpheum Theatre
6/2 Dallas, TX - Nokia Theatre
6/3 Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theatre


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Beyonce works the cover of Vibe's June issue...

and I too am asking why isn't Kelly on the June issue...she is the one with an album coming out that month!?

In other Beyonce moves, she performed at Bravo Supershow in Düsseldorf

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This is definitely a cut that you can bump on that day you need to relieve some aggression!

The mirror scene is funny!


Becky "Buckwild" went to K-DAY and responded to Bootz...she makes light of it all, she entertaining to me!
If you missed Bootz caller her out a "fake wanna be Black person" check it out!


You can catch the full interview @ Flavor of Love Blog
Friday, April 27, 2007

The video for Robin Thicke's new single "Can U Believe" will premiere May 2nd!


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In a recent interview with K-DAY 93.5FM, Larissa "Bootz" Aurora, went off on pretty much everybody...

Most talked about, she called Becky Buckwild a "fake wanna be Black person," calls Miss Jones out as a hater, and even says her piece about Flavor Flav! It's such a mess, but soooo entertaining!


She even went completely off on a caller that wanted to defend Buckwild...



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Snoop Dogg won't get to hop with the kangaroos, as Australia has denied him an entry visa to host the Aussie MTV Music Awards this Sunday. The authories say the decision was based on his extensive criminal record...
Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said yesterday he had rejected the visa application from the 35-year-old - less commonly known as Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr - as he had failed the character requirement.

"He has a whole string of convictions, and just two weeks ago he was convicted of a number of charges again, sentenced to three years' jail, two on another, with five years' probation and a suspended sentence,"
Snoop has 28 days to appeal, and though MTV is still attempting to have it reversed, the short timespan may not allow...



Mya's new video premiered on 106 & Park yesterday...I was directed by Benny Boom

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Eve was arrested early in the A.M., busted for suspicion of DUI after she crashed her gold Maserati into the center divider of Hollywood Blvd., totaling the front end of the car. TMZ reports that there were 2 other people in the car at the time and she was "visibly upset" when she was cuffed and led in to the police car.

Eve has since posted bail and was released, picked up by yet another Maserati!

What makes the story even more interesting, is that Sean Penn was spotted at 4 AM checking on Eve at the station.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Russell Simmons has released a new book entitled "Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success"...because we all want to be like Russey, right!?

He threw a lil' shindig to celebrate...


If you missed the season finale of CW's Search for the Next Pussycat Doll...then you missed the crowning of the 34th Pussycat Doll, Asia!

Sweetie can't pronounce "very" but can switch her hip, kick her leg, and snap her wrist like no other! The single mom from New York will...well there's no real prize listed, just being the next member of the group...but they are casting for season 2 already which means this is clearly a seasonal position!

Maybe she work for the actual Lounge and not the group, I mean that's like 67 people on one stage, that's a lot weave, boas, and glitter flying around!

Sadly for me, I am really only gonna miss Mikey Minden! He was most entertaining person on the show...

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Sisqo had a song that he put out late last year called "Who's Your Daddy?"...It's foolery indeed and I would have never imagined a video for it, but when you have your last $200 to spend, I guess you can make a video for it and put it on YouTube!

Memo to Sisqo, let the platinum hair went buh-bye with the Thong Song!
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[I couldn't resist]

Beyonce's Deluxe Edition sales of B'Day have been called to a halt in light of the lawsuit from Des'ree claiming copyright-infringement over her cover/remake of "Kissing You" originally recorded for the 1996 remake of Romeo + Juliet. Beyonce says she recorded the song originally because of her love for it and did not anticipate adding it to the Deluxe Edition, however in a rush before the record was to be released Sony attempted to get clearance, which was denied. Des'ree has a number of stipulations including not changing the name and not shooting a video, both of which were done.

According to MTV:
Indeed, Beyoncé's team's paperwork — included in the copyright-infringement suit filed in New York's Manhattan Federal Court last week — depicts a rush to get permission to use the song, with letters sent back and forth up to and including the day of the deluxe edition's release. According to the suit, Beyoncé's team originally sought clearance on February 13 to use "interpolations" of the Des'ree song, which became a hit when it appeared in the Leonardo DiCaprio/ Claire Danes movie "Romeo + Juliet" in 1996. Lawyers for the two sides (Beyoncé and Des'ree's publishers the Royalty Network) started talking, and by March 3 — a month before Beyoncé re-released her album — Beyoncé's side had a "confirmation letter and license request" ready to submit.

On March 5, the Royalty Network's lawyers answered by submitting a counter proposal in which they granted permission — within certain limits. For one thing, they would allow use of the song, but not in video form. They would also allow use of the song only if the title were not changed. The Royalty Network's lawyers at Epstein Levinsohn Bodine & Weinstein said in the complaint that "despite follow-ups," they didn't hear back from Beyoncé's camp. And on March 27, according to the complaint, they discovered that Beyoncé and her record label planned to proceed with their plans to include the song on the re-release anyway. In a letter they wrote to Beyoncé's lawyer and her distribution group Sony, the Royalty Network called the move "completely unacceptable."

"First, no agreement has been reached in connection with [the song]," the letter read, "and Sony has no right to proceed ... absent an agreement. Second, the retitling of the composition puts TRN at risk for claims from more than one third party, and this is a risk that [Beyoncé] and Sony were or should have been aware of in light of the circumstances surrounding the discussions relating to this potential license."
As of now the two sides have agreed that Columbia/Sony would "engage in no further distribution" of the album, at least until the next court date on May 4.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why is Tiffany Cobb Blu Cantrell still getting in events!?
She hasn't sung a lick in years!
So irrelevant and so H.A.M.-alicious!

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Michael Jordan was caught working it on some liquored up chicks in Cabo San Lucas! I guess a potentially $150 million divorce will get you here...



In a rare interview, Pootie from "I Love New York," says he wasn't even attracted to New York [shocking right?!]...and that his doesn't need counseling, thank you very much Vh1!

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I asked you earlier what you brought to 'I Love New York'. Now I need to know what brought you to 'I Love New York'.
I didn't audition for 'I Love New York'.

You heard me. I auditioned for FOX UPN's 'The Player'. They called me to ask if they could pass my audition tape to VH-1. VH-1 was casting for a new dating show. I said sure. VH-1 starting calling me for 'The Flavorette'. And I was told it was Hoopz who we were competing for.

D@mn! ( And he ain't the only one folks!) Did you find New York attractive?

I didn't find her attractive. Hoopz is more my speed. It was an opportunity to be on a show.

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Marques Houston was spotted walking hand-in-hand with Mila J...yeah, you know the TUG [Marques, Omarion, and crew's record label] artist. I remember when this chick hit the scene and I was asking, who the hell is she giving professionals to get a record deal!? Her second single was a duet with Marques called "Good Lookin' Out" and I thought they had a thing going...

Anyhoo, I guess she's the "top secret" chick he was trying to keep under wraps, but who the hell really cares who he is seeing?! Call me when you catch Reggie Bush holding hands with someone!

You can check some of their candid vids on Marques' Photobucket Account...


T.I. and Tiny were spotted at the Vibe Offices...just last week for a listening session of his new album "T.I. vs. Tip"

Spotted @ Vibe

What in Kool-Aid's name is on her head? Not a good look!


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DMX, Keyshia Cole, Fat Joe's wife Lorena, and some guy named Purple partying @ Mansion in Miami
Scott Storch was there too...but his face scares me so I spared you the pain!

"Kiss and Tell" Party Benefiting the Maddback Foundation

Fantasia and cast celebrated the opening week of The Color Purple on Broadway @ Spotlight Live in NYC

Elizabeth Withers [Shug Avery] is also doing her solo thing...her adult contemporary single "Simple Things" is a regular on XM Suite 62!

Where can I get that "I heart Celie" shirt? LOL...

Lead PCD and F-A-B chick Nicole Scherzinger on Canada's MuchOnDemand

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Daddy Yankee @ Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards