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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
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Singer/songwriter/producer Tank has the top R&B album in the country right now with Sex Love & Pain (well, until R. Kelly's Double Up numbers come out next week) and he's been in the studio lately with Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland, Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown, as well as gearing up for his supergroup trio TGT with Tyrese and Ginuwine. For straight-up listening pleasure in addition to inspiration, he takes it back.

"I always listen to Jodeci, Babyface, Kim Burrell, and try to come up with new music," the man behind the hit "Please Don't Go" said. "Babyface and Jodeci are my roots. That's a lot of what created me. As well as gospel like with Fred Hammond and John P. Kee. But being really introduced and molded into R&B was [listening to] Jodeci and Babyface. That's my heart. To hear those things keeps me in tune with my direction.

"It was love, it was love songs," he continued. "Babyface did beautiful love songs and DeVante did dirty love songs. Every woman in the world wanted to hear a DeVante or Babyface song. They talked about the same thing and got the same point across but Jodeci was hard and Babyface was a little more tender."


Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and his wife Siohvaughn, welcomed a son, Zion, in Chicago on Tuesday, the basketball star announced on his Web site.

"We are really happy and everyone is healthy," Wade says.

Zion was born at 8:45 p.m. and weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces. He was 21 inches long.

This is the second son for the couple, who are already parents to a 5-year-old son, Zaire.

Wade and Siohvaughn, both 25, are former high school sweethearts who reside in South Florida. They chose to deliver the baby in their home state of Illinois to be close to both of their families.

Would that Make U Love Me


I love this man, can you tell?? So how hot is he that he appeared on Oprah twice in the matter of weeks! He's a special talent!


Fantasia and cast celebrated with the one millionth viewer!

Boy, you can take the Fanny out of High Point, but you can't take the High Point out of Fanny!


Beyonce takes the Beyonce Experience to Marseilles

...apparently Sasha was working overtime!

Rihanna heads to the radio station with her umbrella...ella...ella...ay...ay...ay! That just never gets old! LOL!

Spotted later leaving the hotel, and what's that in her hand? Her new CD Good Girl Gone Bad...

Mya kicked it in Vienna for the 2007 Life Ball, but I am not feeling the Donald Trump combover though!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony came out to the 20th Annual Childrens Fund Gala in NYC

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Guess who's celebrating Holloween a little early!

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It's hood star Lil' Boosie...wiping some random chick down in South Beach!

You just can't make this shit up!

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Boosie Badazz, with his brother Taquari...

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So Usher is up in arms, still trying to prove he can get dressed without his Mama...Word is that he is calling up radio hosts telling them to stop making fun of his hag fiancee Tameka Foster...Even going as far as threatening to "whup [Tom Joyner's] ass"! Ha! I can't be bothered!

"Who's afraid of Usher?" asked Joyner, prompting laughter from ship guests. Joyner and Brown even invited anyone in the audience who knew Usher "to tell him we're not afraid of him." Usher is also said to have called WBLS host Wendy Williams and Hot-97's Angie Martinez to "ask them to lay off Tameka," a source tells us.



Uggh...My screen just caught a virus!!
Kim Hoedashian
and Reggie Bush [oh how I cringe] were spotted in Las Vegas locking lips! Does that mean that they are a couple? Hell no! I have a one last shred of hope that he is smarter than that!

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Miss USA, Rachel Smith, took a tumble on the stage during the Miss Universe pageant...But she got up quickly, gained her composure and kept going with much grace, I probably would have made a be-line for exit right!

Though she was booed when she placed in the top 5 over Miss Mexico, where the pageant was hosted, Rachel placed the 4th runner up to winner Miss Japan, and you can see her full profile HERE


Kelly Rowland strips down for the Wet Issue of King Magazine...

She working hard to get ready for the new album [July 3rd] , I am still thinking she should have been on the Vibe Cover, but who am I? At least she's rocking the cover flawlessly!!


So beside the liqueur commercial, Jill Marie Jones has been working on a movie [that look's like the next BET Blackbuster Movie of the Month] called "Redrum"...

Synopsis: Brian and Tanya Diggs have always been a timid, law abiding, and somewhat nerdy couple. They’ve yearned their entire lives to just cut loose and have fun, but they don’t know how. They’ve tried everything, even therapy, and nothing seems to work. They seemed destined to live the rest of their lives in boredom and monotony.

However, late one night Brian finds himself in a challenging confrontation that causes him to finally snap, resulting in him killing someone. Brian confides in Tanya about his murderous deed. Not only has he committed murder, but surprisingly, Brian realized that he truly enjoyed it. His next attempt at murder goes awry, causing Tanya to get involved. She, too, realizes that she enjoys murder. Brian and Tanya have finally found something that gives them the thrill they’ve been seeking their entire lives… murder!

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Nick Cannon and Selita were all over Cannes...

...flossing that ring!

Beyonce and Jay take in some shopping!

So does Kimora and Djimon Hounsou...with the kids, so it must be getting serious!

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...also looking cozey at the "Ocean's Thirteen" Premiere

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