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Monday, November 26, 2007
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When your 15 minutes has expired, what do you do? The Boom Kat herself is still talking about the infamous MTB4 blow up with Diddy. Not that she'll get another 15 minutes, but give her 30 seconds to read her quote! In an interview with New York Magazine, Gibson says she will never work as a choreographer with the rap mogul again because of his supersized self-image.
"The problem was definitely P. Diddy and working with his ego," she explained. "It was really him that gave me trouble because he couldn't really understand that at certain points [the process] was difficult and hostile. I mean, the girls were amazing and the boys were not the problem. They were hard workers, and the show was definitely edited at times. It's debatable, but a lot of people know that's what it takes as a dancer." [SOURCE]
Damn, I sure was hoping MTV would pick up her reality show...