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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

With the re-release of his album, Exclusive: The Forever Edition, Chris Brown debuted the video for the new single "Forever." I haven't heard the song much, it seems like it just snuck up on us.

Chris is also featured on the cover of this month's Rolling Stone magazine. This month Rolling Stone features "The Best of Rock 2008" and coins Chris the "Best New Michael Jackson." In the article, Chris talks about how now that he is reaching his twentieth birthday he feels he can start making things "a little dirty" for the next album but "not R. Kelly dirty" he assure us.


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More hot and steamy texts have been released between Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff/Secret Lover Christine Beatty. These two had some serious ish going on, besides getting called in a bold-face lie about firing the police chief, they also got put on serious blast about their sordid love affair! Based on the texts raging from April to October of 2003, chick was head over heels for the mayor...

And I quote...
Beatty to Mayor: "I love you so much. Thank you for coming to see me. I was very happy to see you."

Mayor to Beatty: "Love you too. I realize more everyday how much. You look real good by the way."

...talking about Beatty's children

Mayor to Beatty: "I might be their stepdad one day"

Beatty to Mayor: "Why might? What happened "not yet"? LOL."

Mayor to Beatty: "The "might" is on you!"

Beatty to Mayor: "LOL! Nigga, I already claim it! KCK 2012. You told me that you would be my boyfriend everyday until I was your wife. Are you renigging?"

...after a night of jumpoff action

Beatty to Mayor: "I really wanted to give you some good head this morning and I didn't know how to ask you to let me do it. I have wanted to since Friday night when you asked me at the club."

Mayor to Beatty: "...Next time just tell me, just tell me to sit down, shut up and do your thing! I'm fucked up now!"

...later in October

Beatty to Mayor: "I love you so much man! Thank you for showing what it's like to be head over heels in love."
Read the full document here...this ish is crazy!

Do. Not. Want. Seriously? Jazzy Pha must have needed some pork chop money for this...I guess the CW manufactured group Girlicious are really going to try to release an album. I watched the show, these chicks are no Danity Kane.

Real talk though, Chrystina looks like a mini Traci Bingham...

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From bad to worst...

First Dame Dash's baby mama, Linda Williams, put his ass on wide open blast by filing a petition with the courts for custody of their 16 year old son, Damon Anthony Dash, II aka "Boogie." She says her son is at "imminent risk" living in an unstable home with Dame...

Her 3 page petition claims that the teen went without hot water and electricity or 2 months in his bedroom. Additionally, since Dame is broke he fired the driver hired to take the boy to school [due to Dame's fear of kidnapping *side eye*] forcing him to take the subway or even not going. He also fired the cook and other staff, so the boy has no one to cook for him. Linda goes on to call out Dame on his rape case, history of drug use, family history of mental illness, and that he brought the boy to the morgue to identify Dame's brother after he committed suicide on the front lawn the day before Thanksgiving in 2007 by shooting himself in the head. DAMN! To top it all off, he has yet to set up a $10 million trust for Boogie as promised. But since he has lost/sold most of his companies, he's on the poor side... I guess that ProKeds deal just wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

I'm just saying... that's a lot of dirty laundry to throw out there! You can read the full petition snagged by TMZ here.


If Dame is bad, then what could be worse? Not recognizing your own child, that you conceived with a 13 year old. Yes, you read that correctly, 1-3. That's former NBA baller, Karl Malone.

Despite passing on the natural athletic ability, that were the buck stopped for Karl whose son Demetrius Bell is now an NFL player for the Buffalo Bills. The two have had very little contact during Bell’s life. His mother, Gloria Bell, reportedly was only 13 years old and Malone a college sophomore at Louisiana Tech when Demetrius was born. Though he didn't know of his famous father until after he graduated from high school.

“All of that’s behind me right now,” Bell said during a conference call Sunday. “I feel good I made it this far. Nothing against him, but I feel good at this time. If he would’ve been there, yeah, it would’ve been good. But if not, it’s even better. Everything is a plus right now.”

According to the NFL, Malone told Bell that, "It was too late for him to be his father and that Bell would 'earn his money on his own."


You can read more of his story here.
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Usher recognizes that it's time to pass the buck...let the young one do the flips and woo the young girls! In a recent interview, Usher notes that Chris Brown is on deck to take his place as the R&B hottie.

He says: "All of this young energy is great for the industry. Chris is the guy who dances and sings, which is a lot like I do and did as a young artist as well.

"If time serves us correctly, and artists are continuing to better themselves, then hopefully he'll follow the same path that I did."

As long as he doesn't marry a...okay I'm going to stop, I know God don't like ugly.

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Solange is definitely marching to the beat of her own drum, but it's working for her. "I Decided" has completely grew on me and the sound is one that isn't easily compared to Big Sister Bust it Creole, who was on set to give support and a little choreography. Clearly Solange's huge smile when asked about Jay Z was yet another confirmation.


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Shazzah Zulu was getting high as hell! Dude was found by the Palm Spring Police asleep in his car with heroine, cocaine, exstacy, and pills.

An officer saw Dourdan's car parked on the wrong side of the street with the interior light on and someone sleeping in the driver's seat at approximately 5:12 a.m. Monday. The officer described Dourdan as disoriented and possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.He was arrested and released on $5,000 bail.

Clearly this is why his ass was fired from CSI!
Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ellen DeGeneres [Love her to pieces, watch her everyday] stars in a new American Express commercial with Beyonce, who she asked to join her. It's a cute commercial and Ellen is always funny. Still love the working with animals commercial...

Real talk, you know they are not carrying the green one though, these are card carrying Black card members! That is what you call "Must Be Nice!"

My boy The Dream is back with his third single "Luv Your Girl" off the Love/Hate album. It features Young Jeezy [which you know I could do without, I like it better without the rap] but this is probably my favorite track off the album, along with "Ditch That." The video has cameos from J.D. and Chingy which was shot in Atlanta.

Dream has making hits seem easy, with so many hits on the charts right now that he wrote for others like Mariah, Mary J. Blige, Jessie McCartney, and Dear Jayne.

Check out a look behind the scenes on set after the jump...


Monday, April 28, 2008

This lil' criminal needs a come to Jesus meeting with a belt! Dead, buried, and rose again @ "I wanted to do hoodrat stuff."

You have to see his other interview...see more after the jump!

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I was really trying to not even acknowledge this plum foolery, but rumor has that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are a couple. Even as far as saying that the pair are engaged. Ummm yeah, I don't buy it.

Mimi was flashing a major rock at the after party for her new film, Tennessee, on Saturday night and Nick was spied by her side in VIP at Tenjune Club. Her BFF Da Brat was patrolling as well as Zoe Kravitz and her beau Ben Kinglsey.

Some one put Mariah in a movie? Dating Nick Cannon? Too much for me to think about right now

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...the TV show that is. For the fifteenth and final season [tear] Angela Bassett will join the cast along with original cast member Noah Wyle. This is Angela's first run as a series regular, but I am sure it's a great schedule for the mother of twins.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Bassett will play a tough attending with a troubled past who’s coming back to Chicago after a few years in Indonesia doing tsunami relief. Her arrival in the second episode next season promises to shake County General’s ER to the core.”

The show was a little pale the last few seasons, so this should a be a good boost!
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Beyonce and Lil’ Wayne have come and totally remixed Usher’s “Love in the Club.” Looks like the Carters had plenty to keep them busy while in Atlanta for the Heart of the City Tour. Ursh and Bay reunite for a more ballady version of the song. I love Beyonce’s vocals, but what else is new right? Um Weezy…is it just me or is the digitalized voice is sounding more like he’s gurgling water [or syrup].

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Halle Berry is back in true gorgeous form, spotted out in Dolce & Gabbana Sunday at the Silver Rose Awards and Auction Gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the first time in six weeks since giving birth. Clearly Halle is breast feeding her baby girl, Nahla and it has definitely helped her drop the pregnancy weight. Though she didn’t seem to really gain that much, she was all belly. By the looks of things, Nahla is a very healthy baby.


Musical BFFs Rihanna and Ne-Yo both released videos for their singles "Take a Bow" and "Closer" respectively. Rihanna's is really simple and chic, which I like. The Porsche is crazy!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mariah Carey is a Liar! [Pulls an Ashlee Simpson] @ Tha Feedback

On Set: Michelle Breaks the Dawn @ ConcreteLoop

Casket Sharp: Prom Edition @ Crunk + Disorderly

"Abortion of Justice": Cops Acquitted in Sean Bell Case @ NY Times

Wesley Snipes Hit with 3 Year Sentence @ Yahoo! News

SoL-AngeL's Time Has Come @ Necole Bitchie

I'd Think Twice @ StyleRazzi
Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh lawd...R. Kelly actually made a video for this song...


Wednesday, April 23, 2008
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I hope you didn't call out the squads...Orlando Jones, dude from Thats So Raven, was reported missing and then he re-emerged saying that he "just needed to be alone."

Orlando said he dropped out of sight after a problem last week involving a scheduled performance at Club Tattoo in Los Angeles. After he incident, the statement said, he "felt a little lost and needed to get away."

"It got a bit overwhelming and I needed to be alone," he said.

I can dig it, but seeing that his manager is Rickey Romance [Raz B's brother] that rang the alarm looking for Raz means this whole ordeal get a straight side eye. It's all a bit of hot messness.

Gotta love it! Oh Boo, they even had the choreography and everything! I don't wanna be alone tonight...LOL! Ya'll young ones may not get it but School Daze is a classic! Must have in the collection.

The video is so cute, they did a great job, even had Big Brother Almighty Julian! Snap.


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After just past 3 years of marriage, Star Jones has finally gotten the self esteem to leave the fruity goodness of Al Reynolds alone. No surprise here. The odd couple has been rumored to be on the road to splitsville for years now.

In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, Jones, 46, says: "Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone's life that requires privacy with one's thoughts."

The statement concludes as follows: "I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman."

Blah Blah Blah. Ya’ll know that this was doomed from jump. Al and Jonathan Plummer are totally going to be BFFs now.


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Yes. Yes. Yes. Alicia Keys is revamping School Daze for her third single, "Teenage Love Affair" video, set to premiere this week. I love it! It's bright and colorful and there are cameos from Anthony Hamilton, Derek Luke and Jackie Long.

Continue reading for more behind the scenes action and a sneak peek of the actual video! For once, I am so excited to see a music video!

Insider talks to Alicia on set...

Sneak Peek


Tuesday, April 22, 2008
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Solange has been smoking some Hadley Street grass... Just call her SoL-AngeL! That's her new moniker for her upcoming sophomore release, SoL-AngeL and The Hadley Street Dreams which is due for release on August 26th.
"I literally had to beg Cee-Lo to listen to my music but once he did he signed on immediately," states the giddy SoL-AngeL. "We wrote and recorded 'T.O.N.Y' and 'Sandcastle Disco' (produced by Soul Shock) that same week. Producer Jack Splash joined in to produce 'T.O.N.Y' and went on to produce two more songs for me: 'Would've Been the One' and 'Ode To Marvin,' my special take on Mr. Gaye's 'What's going On,' both of which I wrote with Splash and Makeba."

For the remainder of the album SoL-AngeL went on to work with Pharrell for the finger-snapping, feel-good first single "I Decided," Lil Wayne makes an intoxicated guest appearance on "Champagnechronicnightcap," Bilal helps write and appears on "Cosmic Journey" and "Wanna Go Back," which Marsha Ambrosius of Floetry lends vocals to, and Raphael Saddiq produces the soulfully insightful, "Same Song, Different Man," which features Estelle. [SOURCE]
The video for first single "I Decided" is being shot in Malibu and directed by Melina. She describes it as being an "ultimate pop art piece. Its psychedelic, it's adventurous, it's colorful and not so colorful, it's intelligent, and it's the inner makings of Solange." Mmmmm K.


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Will Demps definitely has the ladies Kraving! Me included... The Houston Texan and part-time model covers and shows of his sexy in the pages of Krave Magazine. Yessir.


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UK songstress/rapper Estelle covers the the Spring '08 double-cover issue of Bleu Magazine.

Estelle dishes the Tea exclusively to BLEU Magazine's contributing writer Lenox Magee, on how the UK does not know how to promote black artists. She also speaks out on her feelings to being compared to Lauren Hill, "I think they compare me to her (Lauryn Hill) because I'm dark-skinned and I sing and rap. But, if they're saying the music is just as great, then compare me all day because I'll be really happy about that."

The Spring 2008 issue will hit newstands on April 29th, the same day Estelle's album Shine also hits the shelves. In the meantime, make sure to check out the newly re-launched

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Janet Jackson, who's launching her world tour Sept. 11th, talks about her thoughts on getting married again, those never-ending gay rumors, her dreams of Broadway and why she wishes she was more like Janet drag queens with E! Online. Janet will be recieving the the Vanguard Award at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's 19th Annual Media Awards at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre this weekend.

When did you first realize you were a gay icon?
I never thought of myself as that, and it never even crossed my mind when people started calling me icon and legend and all this other stuff. I remember I was over in Europe and I called my boyfriend [music megaproducer Jermaine Dupri] once because they had introduced me on a show as a legend, and I said, "You know they introduced me as 'the legendary Janet Jackson', " and he said, "You are." [Laughs.] I never thought of that or looked at myself in that way. But I'll wear the title. I'll own it.

So Janet wants to be a Janet drag queen?
[Laughs.] When [late makeup artist] Kevyn Aucoin was around, I used to say it would be really fun to do a whole editorial spread in a magazine with me as a drag queen, completely from head to toe. I would love to do that.

You've said it doesn't bother you if someone says you're gay or bisexual. So if you were, who would be your top three girl crushes?
I don't know if I have three. I think I would pick Alicia Keys, for sure. I think she's wonderful.

Let's talk about gay marriage…
I think it should be legalized. I think it's about finding your soul mate. It's finding that person you connect with. But most people don't get it right. Look at me! The thing is, I don't know if I ever will or won't get married again. I'm very happy where I am. I just think I jinx marriages, but that's not going to stop me from loving.

You can read more here.


This shit...This shit right here! Is the dumbest, most classless, and ignorant shit I've seen in a long ass time. Who was high enough to think this was funny?! Seriously!

According the YouTube, is the brain-child of Damon Wayans and is designed as an incubator to develop innovative television shows for the internet which will include: comedy, drama, action, reality, and animation. A creative haven for up and coming writers, directors, producers, actors and musical talent, will seek out and nurture the vision of these young artists. Mr. Wayans will work with these artists to develop original content. By creating a turn-key operation for the Hollywood community of the future, will produce weekly programming.

SHM @ this plum foolery. This is the kind of shit that comes with a first class ticket to hell.
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Despite the tight lips around the Bey-Z camp and lack of bling to signify a marriage, the Scarsdale Town Clerk Donna Conkling is confirming to what we already know, that the pair were marred on April 4th. The signed marriage license was filed this past Friday in Scarsdale, N.Y.

Although the couple's license was filed more than five days after the wedding [you know with the tour and everything!] – as required by law – Conkling says it's expected to be processed with the state without a penalty. (No special celeb treatment here: Conkling says the penalty is frequently waived.)

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Looks like the "rough patch" that Alexis and Kanye hit took its toll on the pair, leading to the end of their engagement.

"It's always sad when things like this end, and we remain friends,” Phifer tells PEOPLE. "I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors. He's one of the most talented people I've ever met."

A loose lipped pal says that the pair has been have problems as Kanye has been busy with his show and going through a tough time. As we can imagine, with his mother's passing. The usually out and about couple haven't been seen together since last month.


Monday, April 21, 2008
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Actress Tia Mowry looked stunning at her elegant nuptials to actor Cory Hardrict on Sunday.

In this first photo, exclusive to PEOPLE, the newlyweds glow as Hardrict puts his hand around his new bride, who wore a couture gown by Kevan Hall.

The former Sister, Sister star and her husband tied the knot at the Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore Santa Barbara in front of 170 guests over the weekend. (For more details and photos of the wedding, pick up the next issue of PEOPLE magazine, on newsstands Friday.)
The earrings are to die for! Gorgeous! Love the simply chic hair...3 snaps and around the world for the new Mrs. Tia Mowry Hardrict!


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Jay Midnyte hit me up and tagged my ass…Any reason to talk about myself, so check it out…

The Rules:
  • Link the person who tagged you.
  • Mention the rules in your blog.
  • Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
  • Tag 6 follow bloggers by linking them.
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6 Unspectacular Quirks about Melody, The Pop Culture Junkie:

1. I totally practice smiling with my eyes like I’m on America’s Next Top Model. I always need to be ready when the cameras are flashing.

2. I sing Celine Dion and A Bey Bey, like I’m really them. Facial expressions and everything.

3. I am constantly looking in the mirror. I have a mirror everywhere. It is an unconscious habit that I believe developed because I was the only child for 10 years and my father put me in front of the mirror to entertain myself.

4. I am addicted to flossing. That’s a good addiction right, better than crack!? Halitosis is a serious epidemic in the world today.

5. I own more perfume than any one person can use. But I smell great! I also carry deodorant in my purse at all times.

6. I have totally fallen in love all over again with Nokio, yes the Nokio from Dru Hill. I met him this weekend at the Ladies Night Out Show [With BBD, don’t worry Ronnie, you will always be the original B. Diddy, and Ketih Sweat, who’s show was the same show I saw when I was 14! His hype man was a hot shimmying mess]. Any way Nokio is sweet as pie. Unfortunately, my ass left my camera at home on the charger and didn’t even think to use my phone to take a pic…SMH. Just gotta take my word for it. FYI: they are headed back to Maryland to record before more shows in about a month, with the new addition Tao, I’m interested in hearing them, they still all have great voices.

Okay…now I am tagging Necole Bitchie, Str8 Outta NYC, Urban Hoopla, IPS, The E-Biz, and Celeb-Blitz.
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Keisha Knight-Pulliam is stretching her acting wings after being tapped to play a prostitute in the newest Tyler Perry play-turned-film Madea Goes to Jail. This was one of my least favorite Madea plays, but he tends to add more depth to the film.

Filming is set to start in Atlanta next month and will also feature Derek Luke. You can look out for the movie to premiere in early 2009. Madea, who finally gets locked up after her shenanigans comes to the rescue of Candy (Keisha), a fellow inmate preyed upon by a large woman. Luke will play an attorney who has a past with Candy.

Putting her Spelman education to work for her, she is also launching an Atlanta-based production company for film and television projects that she has in development.

Ne-Yo, who has signed on to open for Alicia keys on her upcoming tour, says he’s "a little bored" with urban music…
"There's some stuff on there that sounds like something the Beatles might've done," Ne-Yo told Billboard. "There's some stuff on there that sounds like something Billy Joel might've done. I can't do just straight urban music no more, because to be completely honest with you, I'm a little bored with it. I'm just moving with what music excites me now." [SOURCE]
He goes on to say that he is looking to find a more mature audience, and hopes his fans are “smart enough” to catch on…

Dude…you are not that deep No-No!


Enjoy. Steph Jones [aka "Mr. Ordinary"] stop through B. Scott's place for a little sit down. Steph drops a little insight into him and where he comes from...Definitely an interesting story.
Friday, April 18, 2008
Image Hosted by another one bites it! Unlike his "big brother" Kanye West has ended his walk to the alter and called off his engagement to Alexis Phifer. Word on the Curb is that Kanye called it quits and in true 'Ye fashion, asked for the ring back! They say he basically told her, "I just don't think it is going to work out anymore."

So if he's a free man, there may be some stickiness as the pair share a gorgeous mansion and she was using her FIDM edumacation to help design his Pastelle clothing line. No word from his rep on the matter.


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Usher reveals his cover for his upcoming album, Here I Stand. Look closely at the license in the car "CINCO 1126" which is an homage to his son Usher V and his birthday Nov. 26th. Boy, these artists and their numbers.

The album has been pushed up to May 27th. Below you can check out some boys time grown man business with Jay Z, J.D. and Anthony Hamilton in the studio in ATL. It's bee confirmed that Jay Z and Beyonce will be featured on this album.


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Tyler Perry is one of the few celebs that personally communicates with fans, he is known for sending personal and sometimes frank emails to readers. In his recent in letter he revealed that he has a stalker…yes a bonafide stalker! [“Call Da Po Po, Hoe!"A Hot Mess]

"I'm trying to be careful how I say this without inciting this person, but I have a stalker," he begins. "This person sends several hundred emails a day to my office and has planned our wedding and bought rings and such. She has showed up at my house several times. What's crazy is I've never met this woman nor have I even responded to her emails. I've had to increase the guards at my house as well as travel with body guards and I hate that. I hate to have big guys following me around." [SOURCE]

Since he has a stalker, he really doesn’t need you to vote for him for Time Magazine’s Top 100 People issue, she should be on it by now! But if you want, you can vote too…


More of Jay Z and his charisma on Tavis Smiley's show with Mary J Blige. You catch the rerun on PBS.

OMG @ Iceberg! That seems like ages ago, it was all the rage when I was slanging shoes at Foot Locker.


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Solo on the beach in a classic myspace profile pic!

Solange broke it down for Sister2Sister about her upcoming album, her short-lived marriage and raising Lil' Creole Pimp.

SOLANGE ON HER ALBUM'S TITLE & HOW IT RELATES TO HER DAD: For me, my father-- a lot of people don't know that he came from a really small town, Gadsden, Alabama. He grew up very poor and he had a dream for his life and his family. He beat a lot of odds; he came from a family of 10 and just to see him--hearing the story about him starting off with nothing and building this empire, building his future; it just started off as a dream for him. That's sort of what this record has been for me. I've always wanted to do a record that was organic for me, and that was my dream from day one. I was always scared. I always had pressure from the label or from people to create a certain kind of persona. But with this record, I went to Hadley Street (which is the street where Mathew Knowles Music World organization is located) one day and I wrote this song called Heartbreak after a friend of mine passed away when I was 17. Then that next week I found out I was pregnant. I went to the studio and I just started freestyling with a jazz band, and I came up with a great record and it made me feel things in music that I had never felt before And it was on that street. This record portrays my life. This is the first piece of creative art by me that shows I am woman and I've gone through things that women do, and I've gone through real life situations that don't involve dancing and partying and dating: 'Boy, I like you. Do you like me too? I'm feeling you.' (laughs) So I definitely think that's portrayed through the record.

Continue reading for more of her interview...

SOLANGE ON LIVING IN IDAHO WITH HER EX-HUBBY: My ex-husband was finishing school there and I was totally down! I loved the thought of going to the country, and it was such a good move for me as a mom because the very first year of my son's life I had to sit down and focus and not have any distractions--not from work, not from aunts, not from nannies, not from babysitters. So we have a bond that I don't think could have been there as much maybe if I was in Houston with a thousand aunts and Mom and Dad and everyone there wanting to pitch in. Idaho made me realize that I can be in any environment and survive. (laughs) And I didn't realize this, as a woman--that I would step up that much to the plate. I literally cooked and cleaned. I definitely was able to be secure in myself with just staying home and doing whatever I needed to do to be a wife and mommy. And in Idaho that's all I had time to do 'cause there's nothing else to do.

SOLANGE ON IF SHE REGRETS HAVING A CHILD AT THE AGE OF 18: Oh, absolutely not. I have been so blessed, number one, that my son is the coolest kid ever. Of course, that first year of 'non-sleeping' and just being dedicated to him had tough parts. But as far as motherhood goes, it's been a blast for me. A lot of people hear that answer and they have doubts, but when you have a child, I think it takes a really unemotional person not to--no matter what age. And I think that emotional attachment, there's nothing out of it that someone could regret. I haven't had an experience where I've been blue. I think just the fact that I have so much family and the fact that my son's father is still involved in his life...I don't know how (being blue) feels so I can't really give any advice other than that, as a mother, your goal is always to make sure that your child is the happiest.

SOLANGE ON IF SHE'LL HAVE ANY MORE KIDS AND WHY SHE HAS TO WORK MORE ON DISCIPLINING HER SON: Absolutely! Motherhood has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's the most important job/project that I ever have had. It's so enjoyable! My son is at the funniest age ever right now; he's 3. But, the one thing that I definitely have to work on as a parent is discipline because sometimes he's just so funny that it takes me off guard. But I'm noticing I can't laugh at the things that he does because then he repeats them to other people and expects the same reaction. When he was younger, his Grandma and Auntie used to get him to say silly stuff and then they'd look all lost and confused when he would say it in church. He is such a ham! I'm hoping he doesn't want to be in this industry, but he is in love with music and he has a little drum set and piano and he really tries to put things together. He only wants to do it when he wants to do it though. I've been places, like for instance TRL and he's not supposed to be out there with me, but he notices the cameras and he's like, 'I want to be there!'

SOLANGE ON HOW SHE'S ABLE TO KEEP HER PERSONAL BUSINESS (I.E. HER QUICK DIVORCE) OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT: You don't hear my sister really speaking about her relationship, and I never really spoke about mine. And I still don't go into detail about anything, just because I feel like music is definitely our lives--and all of the other career choices that we've made. And of course it comes along with the territory, but our personal lives don't have anything to do with our careers. Just like if anyone worked at a job as a marketing director at a firm, it wouldn't be in their qualifications to share their personal life, so I don't feel like I should have to. And that's something my parents have been really big on instilling in us. I just always try to keep a positive take on life, and I think that's how I was able to keep my divorce quiet, (laughs) because I was positive and there wasn't any bitterness and I wasn't going around badmouthing or trash-talking anyone. I live a very, very low key life. In Idaho, there wasn't any paparazzi walking around there. And then in Houston it's the same thing, I go to drop my son off at school at about 10 every day and go to the studio from 10 till 4, and go to dinner or make dinner at home. And that's pretty much it. I'm going to have to adjust to being back out there when this record comes out.

SOLANGE ON HER CURRENT RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Actually, I have friends but nothing more. I'm so focused now on my son and my career--and I know that's such a typical answer. Really, I could make time if I wanted to, but right now, I'm in such a hustler spirit. I'm 21, so I'm still figuring out exactly what I want in a relationship.

SOLANGE ON TAKING OVER HER FATHER'S EMPIRE IN 5 YEARS: My father has always wanted Music World to stay in the family. This was something he started from in an extra bedroom in our house, and now, on Hadley Street, he has 30 employees all over the United States and London. It's very important for him to keep that legacy within, and I've always been the one out of all us girls wanting to go to the office, wanting to sit in A&R meetings, wanting to research marketing and keep up with the industry, so naturally my father has always said, 'When I want to retire, you'd better run my company well.' I'd love, love to run Music World one day. My only fear is that is it's really hard to run a label when you have such an artistic ear...My father thinks he's going to retire at 60, which is where the five years come into play, but I seriously doubt it. I respect him so much.

Shout to Real Gossip 101 for the quotables.


Thursday, April 17, 2008
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R&B has another edition with the Florida-bred crooner, Casely. Born Jean Carlos Casely, the 22 year old is making waves with his hot single "Emotional." After attending world-famous Berklee College of Music on full scholarship, this classically trained pianist is a singing-acting-dancing-songwriting quadruple threat who embodies what it means to be a child of the 80s - his influences range from Prince and Michael Jackson to Death Cab for Cutie and John Mayer, and it shows. On 1985, Casely's debut album for Epic Records, we find a brave new artist bringing it back while bridging a gap to the future.

Check out his debut video "Emotional below and continue reading for our exclusive interview I had with the up and coming singer...

Melody: Tell me about yourself and how you ended up at Epic records.

Casely: Basically, I’m 22. I’ve been signing and doing music since I was about 6 years old. I’m a songwriter as well. When I was about 12 I started taking piano lessons. I started writing and recording when I was 14. I’ve been trying to get a deal for a very long time. It wasn’t just an overnight type of thing.

I released an independent album a few years ago called “I’ll Be.” I’ve worked with several producers like Jim Johnson and Develop. I’ve just been trying to spread my music out and trying to get deal for the past 8 to 10 years. I linked up with Diaz Brothers last March and we got into the studio and did a few records. I wrote and recorded “Emotional” and they brought it to all the mixtape DJs that they had a relationship with and knew [they put out Pittbull before Casely]. The response was really good and B96 in Miami decided to push the record and response was so great that they upped the spins to 70 to 90 a week. That got the attention of Epic Records and we had the meeting with Epic, everything was lovely and here I am today with a music video for “Emotional” and a single all over the radio.

Melody: Tell me a little bit about growing up in Florida.

Casely: You get the heat, you get the beach, you get the sun, so it was definitely an experience that I loved, that’s home right there. It definitely played a part in my music and the creative process.

Melody: How would you define your style or your music?

Casely: My style of music is definitely R&B at its core it’s very synthesized, very electronic. A little left field but it’s something brand new. I tried to set myself a part with this record.

Melody: Let’s talk about your hot single “Emotional”

Casely: You know the Diaz Brother, we were doing through some beats and we came across the one for “Emotional” and I said, ‘hold on, back that up, what that right there?’ I definitely do something with that. So I took the track home and then I started writing the first verse and the hook in the car. That was my little challenge to myself, if it was catchy enough for me to remember by the time I got out of the car. We recorded it and I was really excited about it.

Melody: What can we expect from your album?

Casely: You can expect a lot of high energy music, a lot of good music. I know everyone says they want to bring good music back but honestly this is it. It very vibey, get your neck bobbin’, and something new and unique. If your tired of the same old stuff on the radio, then you going to want to pick this up.

Melody: Cool, so who are you working with?

Casely: I linked up with Jim Johnson, he did a couple of record, Diaz Brothers, Infamous, and that’s it for right now.

Melody: When can we expect this album to come out?

Casely: Around May or June.

For more information on Casely, visit his Official Website or on MySpace

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According to, Beyonce and Jay-Z were connected at the hip at the post-show dinner in L.A. last night. [Awwwe] An intimate group, including Christina Aguilera and Mary J. Blige, enjoyed fancy fiddles in a four-course meal from Dakota at the Tropicana Bar. Through out the night spies say the pair were looking happily in love.
After the rapper's sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. Wednesday night, the inseparable duo headed to his private dinner and after-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel's Tropicana Bar. Neither wore a wedding ring, but in all other ways they were the picture of wedded bliss.

Knowles, 26, arrived just after 11 p.m. with Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams by her side – and her groom just a few steps behind, letting her lead the way. They headed upstairs to the "bridge" above the Tropicana Bar where they held their private dinner for 40 friends and family catered by the hotel's upscale steakhouse, Dakota.

Jay-Z, 38, stayed by Knowles's side all night – only slipping away for a few minutes to change from his concert clothes into a dapper dark suit.

When he returned, Beyoncé – who, sources say, was joined by her mom Tina and sister Solange – cuddled up next to her man at one of the many large long tables set up for the private dinner.

At several points during the dinner, Knowles wrapped her arms around the rapper and rubbed his back. At other times, she would lean her head against his shoulder and hold him tightly. "She looked as if she never wanted to let him go," said an onlooker.

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Mary J. Blige dropped off her newest single, "Stay Down" which is one of my faves from Growing Pains. She looks great as usual, love the make up.


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...and her ass again! At 42, she gets two snaps. She joins LisaRaye covering the May Hollywood issue of Smooth Magazine. According to IMDB, she has completed a number of projects for 2008, including a sequel to Nora's Beauty Shop.

Update: Too bad Smooth was a bit too lazy to re-shoot her cover, they just reused an old one...

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I couldn't even watch all of it...and this from me who can watch House of Payne. Every week. Twice. But this was a complete debauchery of the sitcom genre.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did you miss the fabulosity? Don't lie, you did! Hell I did! Kimora Lee Simmons is back for another season of "Life in the Fab Lane." Catch the premiere on April 20th!


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Diddy is sending his whole Bad Boy stable on tour this summer with Danity Kane, Day 26, Donnie Klang [and his one song] and Cheri Dennis. The 11-stop tour is making the rounds to major cities across the nation. See the dates below:

May 24 - Orlando, FL - Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre
May 25 - Miami, FL - The Fillmore Miami Beach
May 29 - New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
May 30 - Baltimore, MD - Pier Six Concert Pavilion
May 31 - Detroit, MI - Fillmore
June 1 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Auditorium
June 5 - Phoenix, AZ - Dodge Theatre
June 6 - Las Vegas, NV - The Pearl Concert Theater
June 7 - San Diego, CA - Viejas Casino
June 9, 10 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern

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Watch. Listen. Enjoy. The knowledge and wisdom of the great Erykah Badu. She speaketh the truth, my people.

Erykah Badu only gets better with time...Check out a snippet of her interview in Blender this month, pure comedy and realness. Loves it. She is the one who needs a reality show!

Do you remember your first experience with alcohol?

I was at Grambling State, and the fashion club had an after party. There was a drinking game-I did a shot of Everclear. Next thing I remember was being back at my dorm on the bathroom floor. My girlfriends said I was singing. I didn’t even know I was a singer at that point.

So Everclear was the start of your career?

Yes. Everclear made everything clear.

If we drug-tested you, what would we find?

Wheatgrass. Green juice. Zionic bacteria, like chlorophyll and spirulina. I’m drug-free, alcohol-free. Isn’t that boring? Maybe I should be Kid Rock for a day.

Who was the last person you punched?

My sister. And she was pregnant. [Laughs.] Well, she was talking shit to me!

What does a kiss from you cost now?

You have to change gods and wear crochet pants. You haven’t heard about me?

Shout to Celeb-Blitz for the quotables.


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Cover via Icedotcom

Probably not the best timing [or maybe the best for LisaRaye, hmm] but LisaRaye, the now First Lady of Turk & Caicos covers the May issue of Smooth Magazine. She is currently in the midst of some crazy drama with her hubby being accused of rape. No word on where she is or her response to the allegations.

She look F-A-B nonetheless!


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*DEAD* I'm scarred for life! That lion has been violated...

Umm...if you need a good laugh see more here!