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Robin Thicke is gearing up to release his third album Something Else on September 3rd, which he describes as a cross between “classic Philly, Motown and ’70s black disco meets the creativity of the Beatles and Bob Dylan. It just felt to me that a lot of stuff out there sounds the same. It’s a time for change, for something else.”

Being the modern son of Blue-Eyed Soul who has crossed music lines, race is never far from his mind he tells Billboard, “What’s great about the bigger cities are the numbers of interracial couples who come,” he said. (The singer-songwriter, who is white, is married to actress Paula Patton, who is black.) Thicke added, “I’m seeing a cross between the girls who want to come out and have fun and the couples who come to enjoy a loving environment.”

Make sure to look for Robin on his current promo tour with Keri Hilson as well as his major tour with Mary J. Blige starting in October...