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Monday, August 18, 2008
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The off again, on again marriage between Shaq and Shaunie is apparently on the mend. Shaunie dished the details to the Palm Beach Post...
"Neither one of us could probably answer why we were getting one in the first place," Shaunie O'Neal said.

"Things have been going so great, that someone actually had to remind us that 'Hey, you do remember those papers are still there.' Literally, it was days ago," Shaunie O'Neal said. "So, we've agreed that before we leave Florida in a few days we'll make sure that that's gone away."

"The kids and I kind of learned about the divorce at the same time," Shaunie O'Neal said. "So that was hard. That was probably the worst part of the whole thing, was being able to deal with how hurt the whole kids were."
Damn, Shaq didn't give her a warning call, text, email?? Either neither, if it keeps the family together, then work it out!

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