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Thursday, August 07, 2008
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Read it and weep people...or just shake your head. Here's the latest low-low on the LisaRaye-Rocsi-Micheal Misicl drama via RhymeswithSnitch:
The Internet been burning up these past couple of days with revelations that 106 and Park's own Rocsi been creeping with actress LisaRaye's husband, Turks and Caicos Premiere Michael Misick. While most sites credit a press release from LisaRaye's people confirming that Rocsi is a skank, The Whole Nine blog posted eyewitness accounts DAYS AGO claiming Rocsi had been walking around the Misick household in a bathrobe giving tours of the house while LisaRaye was in Atlanta for Jermaine Dupri's So So Def weekend. Then yesterday on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, gossip contributor Jawn Murray added more fuel to the fire claiming LisaRaye told him personally that Rocsi was having an 'out in the open' affair with her husband and that she was going to come on the air and give out her husband's personal phone numbers so anybody who wanted to could call and ask him why he's being such a asshole parading his mistress around. I bet Gary Payton's wife is saying, "That's what you get bitch!" You ain't know? LisaRaye was rumored to have been Gary's thing on the side for years, despite his marriage.
AND...I do remember reading that Rocsi was "out of the country" after the love spat that went down on 106 & Park a few weeks ago. Hmmm... AND LisaRaye has really been partying like a rockstar, a soon-to-be-divorced rockstar that is here in the states!

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