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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Okay so this week Flav has scaled it down to the final four and this shit has more drama and emotion than any college basketball game...

So here are the highlights of last week's show:

Deelishis gets the first shot today by saying that Krazy is dumb and foolish for confiding in New York and "dancing with the devil."

New York attempteded to read the Flav-O-Gram with her best impression of a dramatic actress, and well that hoe can't read! Since they were "Slicking" [err-umm, maybe "Slicing"] things up, Flav planned on taking Krazy and Delishis on the first overnight date to Long Beach and New York and Bootz are headed the country with Flav the next day.

New York, of course, goes into a melodramatic, crying about not being able to go on the first date.

Deelishis does an on point impersonation of New York and points out her inability to read...all while New York goes upstairs in a typical New York temper tantrum and cries about how hurt she would be if Flav doesn't pick her again this season. [Well that would just make good TV]

[Yeah, I had the same look too!]

So off on the first date. Flav takes the two girls on a yacht and says "I'm taking Krazy and Deelishis for a day on the water. It might be so nice, we can make me a daughter." [WTF?]

In the process of the ass-watching, Flav manages to lose an earring. So Deelishis gets down to help him look for it and end up with their tongues in each others' throats. Krazy gets all jealous and jumps in and takes over. Deelishis get sea-sick and heads to the bottom to toss her lunch. This gives Krazy all the time to get Flav's attention.

In the confessional, Deelishis confides that she's really, really fallen for Flav, and unless something "really big" happens, she plans on telling Flav to eliminate her because it hurts her too much to see him with the women.

Flav takes them to dinner and asks them how they feel about him and Krazy goes first. She gives her high school musical rendition of the "I really like you" speech in a long planned out monolouge. Deelishis rolls her eyes the whole time. The subject of her singing comes up and he asks her to screech sing and she gives her best impression of good singer with head-shaking and hand-waving to match.

Flav asked "Do you ever want to make a record?" To which Krazy [like a dumb ass] says yeah, but it takes money and she does have any. [BAM] It hits Flav right on the head and he finally thinks again about why Krazy is really there.

Deelishis goes next and the waterworks begin about how she wasn't sea sick as much as she was sick to see him with someone else. This is anough for Flav to choose her to take back to the room.

To add insult to injury, he tells Krazy bye and calls her Deelishis on accident...[Deelishis got a kick out of that] Krazy, of course, is in tears, but she says it's because she's mad at Deelishis for being two-faced.

Last Shot: Deelishis with her ass up in the air and Flav little ass snoring on top of her...[That's just uncomfortable to watch, man!]

Next up is New York and Bootz for their date in the wine country. Up walks three horses, which only mean one thing...comedy! New York in the confessional says she thinks she pulled it off...

[Uhhh Nope, try again!]

Flav was locked on Bootz and of course, New York was having none of that and kept butting in and trying to demand Flav's attention. After a while they get up to stomp grapes and ended in a nasty shower scene...

For dinner the attention goes back to Bootz and New York gets all needy and catches an attitude because Flav isn't paying an ounce of attention to her, so she tells Flav that he owes her a one-on-one. Flav gave her a courtesy laugh and turned back to Bootz.

New York storms off and Flav goes and runs after her and convinces her ass to come back and then asks her to stay the night with him. Back at the table, New York acts like a crazed idiot as usual!

When they go up to the room New York starts making these sounds that I will forever repress...but according to New York they took "chunks of each other" and "chunked it up" all night...


Okay so its time to eliminate and to be honest I thought Krazy would go but there was a chance Bootz was going because of her commitment to celibacy...[yeah that's reality TV for "I don't want to sleep with you"]

And then it happens...the most gangsta moment of all the Flavor of Loves...

On her way out, Bootz reaches in her cleavage and pulls out her number and tells Flav:

"Call me when you get sick of these hoes."