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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
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Have y’all,

Ever typed in your name on Google just to see what comes up? I've done it before for fun, and have seen lots of articles and photos from my career come up. But after returning from Australia recently and coming home to phone calls asking me if I was OK, I was confused. What were they talking about?

Then I remembered my flight back from Australia. Why did that flight attendant look my thighs and butt up and down -- and say, "Thank God! Thank God! They're liars!!!" I just wasn't getting it. I told myself I didn't care, but I was having trouble sleeping that night so I got outta bed, went over to my computer, and Googled myself. This time I typed in "TYRA FAT" -- and child, I had NO idea what was about to pop up on that screen.

My eyes were met with headline after headline "THIGH-RA BANKS!" "AMERICA'S NEXT TOP WADDLE!" "TYRA PORK CHOPS!" "TYRA TOPS 200LBS!" There were blogs from people shocked that it was reported I had gained almost 50 pounds in two months. I COULDN"T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS READING. Then I saw the photo of me on the beach in Australia. Written next to it was, "Tyra Banks shows the world why she retired from the runway." I needed to let everyone know what I thought about these headlines, and on the Tyra Show this Thursday, February 1st, I put on the very same swimsuit I was wearing in Australia…and confront those fat tabloid photos.

I hope you watch to see what I have to say!