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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Highlight for me was the amount of pure talent that hit the stage! In comparison to the other music award shows, this is by far the most legitimately talented show. It too hard to pick just one moment, because the John/Corrine/John set was amazing, I personally was in heaven! Ludacris/Mary/Earth, Wind, & Fire was so passionate and intense. Beyonce killed it, she song the hell out of Listen! Not to mention the great performances of Justin, Christina and Chris Brown, he's just so young that he could be around for a long time, crossing over into adult stardom as Usher did. I like Country-Pop, so I thoroughly enjoyed the Dixie Chicks and so happy for Carrie Underwood! She is ultra-talented!


Beyonce belts out "Listen" From Dreamgirls

Not a fan of the lacefront...but always a fan of Beyonce's voice!

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Justin looked good...not like someone who had the flu...but it was a great performance of "What Goes Around..."

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John Legend, Corrine Bailey Rae, and John Mayer together! Loves It...that's like my CD collection! Such great musical talent...

All about Mary J. Blige!

I love this suit...and her performance of "It's a Man's World"
Did any one else see Jamie Foxx say "That was good stuff right there" after her was brilliant!

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Chris Brown, always a hype performer! Bringing Steppin' to the mainstream and I loved the tribute to James Brown...
Oh, and the two little crumpin' kids were ADORABLE!

Ludacris, Mary and Earth, Wind & Fire!
Good stuff right there!

And Mary in her 14th wardrobe change and 5th wig change! Get it girl!

My one lowlight...

Robyn Troup won the My Grammy Moment...

I'm hatin' right now, because my girl Africa Miranda [L] didn't win! Plus Robyn can't dance...but it's okay! All three got great exposure and so I look forward to a bright future for Africa! You're a star!