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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
The following is posted on an anonymous MYSPACE account, that claims that Monica's fiance, Rodney Hill, went all Debo on some chick in a club:
On 2/11/07, the night of Young Jeezy's platinum party in Atlanta, GA at the Velvet Room. The party was packed to the brim. People were pushing to get close to Jeezy. We where in vip which there were a lot of people pushing back and forth. A young woman that stood 4'11, she probably weigh at least 100lbs was standing in front of Monica's fiance "Rodney Hill". From what I witness she mistakely touch Rodney's glasses and he started to go off and while she was apologizing to him he grab her by her hair and pull her down and punched her. I was soooooooo shock from what I was seeing. When the young lady got up her eye was closed shut! But Rodney wasn't done yet. He almost started to attack the young woman's friend with a bottle. Up until now I highly respect Monica. I am probably one of her biggest fan since Miss Thang days, but she and her abusive fiance showed their true colors that night. Even when everyone was outside and they were talking to the police, she wanted to start more trouble, by saying "I got the piece in my Louie" as if she wanted to do something to the girls. Rodney did not get locked up for this niether did they take a statement from him. This type of activity is unacceptable that she would let her fiance hit on a small woman. I would have the pictures of the woman's eye up in a couple of hours. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT THE WOMAN WHO THIS WAS DONE TO. SHE IS ONLY TALKING TO LAWYERS AND PEOPLE WHO MATTER. WE AS HER FRIENDS ARE DISMAYED BY HIS AND MONICA'S ACTIONS THAT NIGHT. WE FELT A NEED TO LET PEOPLE KNOW. THIS TRULY DID HAPPEN AS YOU CAN SEE, THE PICTURES ARE REAL, AND THE DATE IS BLOTTED OUT BECAUSE THE CAMERA WAS SET WRONG. IF WE HAD SOMETHING TO HIDE WHY WOULD WE EXPOSE THE DATE TAKEN OFF.
Here are the pics


Here are pics of Monica and Jeezy at the party...

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