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...because she can no longer drive in NYC or New Jersey...16 tickets in 3 years!

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Foxy Brown isn't just a bully in beauty salons - she's a menace on the road, too.

The curvy superstar has been busted on 16 traffic violations in New York in less than three years, according to state DMV officials.

Brown's been cited for everything from blowing red lights to weaving across lanes of traffic without signaling, officials said.

Can anybody say "Call a limo, Foxy"? The platinum-selling rapper shows up for court dates wearing hot designer dresses and toting $1,000 handbags. But she somehow can't find a way to pay New York State $4,780 in fines and surcharges, the Department of Motor Vehicles said.

What's more, the DMV says Brown shouldn't be behind the wheel at all. She's also been hit with citations for operating without a license, insurance or an inspection.

Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, has only a learner's permit in New York State.

Her right to get a license here has been revoked because she repeatedly fails to answer traffic tickets, according to state DMV officials.

"She has to answer all these different summonses before she's allowed to drive," DMV spokesman Ken Brown said.

The diva did obtain a New Jersey license in 2003, but it has been suspended since last March because she failed to appear on an earlier summons, New Jersey officials said. The blizzard of tickets from the men in blue hasn't stopped Brown from getting behind the wheel.