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In a recent with SOHH, Marques Houston addressed his relationship with Kim Karashian...
Houston admits there is a special lady in his life putting "a smile on his face" and that the song "Kimberly" was inspired by her.

"The song was written pretty much for my girlfriend, but the thing behind 'Kimberly' is that every woman has [a] 'Kimberly' [side]. It's that freaky side, the woman that is so shy and softspoken, I'm pretty sure she has a 'Kimberly' side in the bedroom," Houston explained.

While Houston remained tightlipped about the identity of his current love, he didn't deny a special relationship with Kim Kardashian, spokesmodel for Christopher Brian, the clothing line released by Houston's manager Chris Stokes.

"Kim is my girl. That's my homegirl. We're doing a lot of business together. We are just friends, we are good friends," he said.