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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Halle Berry @ Perfect Stranger Photocall

Vivica Fox @ Mr Viv just lost her million dollar endorsement deal with Cadillac due to her DUI! That's nothing to be happy about...

Jennifer Lopez makes her way home to the Bronx for a CD signing @ FYE

Fabolous & Lil' Flip on the set of Fab's new video

Diddy & Fergie Partying in London

Though Diddy was a No Show for the concert, he can still party! Which he says he's going the "Snoop Withdrawl"

"I am going through Snoop withdrawal right now. I miss him a lot," Diddy told PEOPLE Tuesday night at a party he threw at Paper in London.

"We are going to get together in Dublin and we will be back here," Diddy said. "We are going to work everything out so that we can come back because I think we can have a positive impact."