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Natasha @ YBF received a letter stating that Miss Jones has an "unhealthy obsession" with food Beyonce...Some of the highlighted allegations are:

She is a miserable woman. Miss Jones and I have been friends for a little over six years but our friendship has ended over her obsession with beyonce. She would throw fits and tantrums any time a song or video came on about beyonce. I thought she was way out of line when she disrespected miss tina knowles. She would say nasty thing about bee like that she is a skinny bitch and how no one can shine but her. She would e mail her a hundred time a day saying mean thing to her.
She said to me one day i hope home homegirl the one that was obsessed with Jay-z she was on Dr. Phil "I hope she follow through one day and pull that bitches weave out. One night we went out and I stayed over at her house. I was awoke out of my sleep about two am in the morning what sounded like a wounded dog i went into the living room to find Miss Jones hysterical crying huddled up in the corner she had cut out pics of Beyonce body with the head cut off and replaced them with her's.
she contacted me and apologized she confessed to me that she was bulemic and wondered why her career had flopped and she was gonna seek professional help for her obsession. Then next thing i know she makes a diss record called Upstage you about Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce.

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