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Monday, April 16, 2007

Who saw this one coming? Okay, you can all put hands down now!

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If you missed the reunion special of I love New York you watch it on the VSpot or on Vh1 the numerous times it will repeat, starting tonight @ 9pm est...

What you need to know...Tango the Ninja Turtle said he proposed to Tiffany but got "New York" who disrespected his mother and in his Oscar-losing performance he says, "It's over!"

This is when the drama ensues and my favorite part:

New York throws the ultimate insult to a Black man on national TV...she calls Tango a 2-inch d*ck nigga!

Other foolery, Romance brought his new dog, Tango almost gets his ass knocked out by WhiteBoy, and Real wore Shirley temple curls!

Make sure to check out the Extras to see the full blowout between Tango and New York!

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