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Monday, April 09, 2007

I will look beyond the lack of lyrical content...the track is fire!

Likey?....No Likey?

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Jive's new artist Lil' Mama

While rappers who sport the prefix Lil' might be a dozen, there is nothing common about 17-year-old Lil' Mama. The teenaged rap phenomenon's first commercial hit "Lip Gloss" is fastly becoming a celebratory anthem for girls of all ages. But unlike kiddie rappers who rely heavily on short-sited gimmicks, Lil' Mama is a multi-faceted artist who boasts the ability to sing, rap and write her own material. Her Jive Records debut, Voice of The Young People explores the mindset of a young woman who is truly wise beyond her years.

Growing up between Brooklyn's rough East New York section and Harlem, Lil' Mama was forced to overcome both personal and financial struggles at an early age. As one of eight brothers and sisters, the rapper born Niatia Kirkland started to express herself artistically as a little girl through poetry and dance. When she was just 10-years-old, Lil' Mama decided to try and put a rhythm behind her poems.