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Monday, May 28, 2007
As Brandy is hit with yet another lawsuit, she responds through the courts...
As remorseful as she might be, Brandy apparently doesn't think much of the lawsuits leveled against her.

In court documents filed Wednesday, the 28-year-old singer "specifically denies each and every allegation" in the wrongful death complaints filed against her by relatives of the woman who died of injuries suffered in a four-car collision that the plaintiffs claim was caused by Brandy Norwood.

The California Highway Patrol has recommended that the L.A. City Attorney's Office charge the Moesha star with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, but prosecutors have not yet decided whether to file charges. Investigators determined that Brandy wasn't under the influence of alcohol or any other substance at the time of the crash, nor was she talking on her cell phone or similarly distracted.

However, that hasn't stopped the legal floodgates from opening. Three wrongful death suits have been filed, one by Aboudihaj's parents, one representing the deceased's two children, and, earlier this month, one by Aboudihaj's husband, Maroune Hdidou, for the loss of "support, maintenance, solace, moral support, companionship and comfort" that his "faithful and dutiful" spouse provided him.