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Friday, June 22, 2007
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[I know I am wrong for this pic but it's just too funny NOT to use!]

Brandy's own True Hollywood Story is premiering this Saturday on E! at 6pm EST. Looking back on her career and the tragic events that halted what looked to be her comeback! From eating disorders to failed faux marriages...all the drama that surrounded her roller coaster existence in the entertainment industry!

BV Newswire gives a sneak peek at some of the juicy details presented in the E! expose:
'Moesha' co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph on the fatal car accident – "I do not believe that Brandy got up, got in her car with the intention to hit somebody."
'Moesha' producer Ralph Farguhar on Brandy's initial reading for the show – "She was horrible. I called up my wife, I said 'I'm dead. I just sold the network a bag of smoke.'"
'Moesha' co-star Countess Vaughn on rumors of her fighting with Brandy – "What really pissed me off was because we were 15 years old, and these adults were coming in on an argument that would've blown over, but it didn't because of the outside and the media."
'Moesha' co-star Shar Jackson on Brandy's hectic schedule – " It got to a point where I'd see her, we'd spend the whole day together, and the only thing I saw her eat was a trail mix or something."