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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
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It's not a rumor. I was arrested Friday night for resisting arrest. It was non violent. I was in Tampa and was stopped by the cops who, for some reason, thought my cousin had a gun. They searched him, threw him up against the car," explains Dennis in loose detail.

Feeling that the search and interrogation by local police was unnecessary Dennis became concerned. "I started asking questions and asking for badge numbers and names of the officers," says Dennis as the incident began to escalate.

"They got to shoving and they pepper sprayed me and they locked my a$$ up. That's pretty much what happened. It wasn't like it was a big altercation. It happened so fast. In maybe like four or five minutes the whole thing was done," says Dennis still in disbelief.

Oh her album, she says:
Dennis reassured SOHH that all the waiting for her solo CD won't be in vain. She says the delays were simply due to label politics and differences of opinions concerning her image.

"Let me say that I don't mean Puff solely, but label executives in general often aren't on the same page creatively as an artist. The thing they want the world to perceive may not be what you are and it may not be your vision. The power struggle takes time and I think that has been a lot of my issue," reveals Dennis.

I Finally Made It, Dennis' debut CD is due out this fall via Bad Boy Entertainment.