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Friday, June 01, 2007

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She's adorable, she's cute, and she's down right sweet...But most important she's a great singer! Paula DeAnda is a hot artist on J Records. The 17 year old Corpus Christi resident hit the music scene last fall with the smash hit "Doing Too Much" from her self-titled debut album and hasn't slowed down since. She's been working toward this since she was just a kid at 10 years old. I had the pleasure of talking to her and finding out what she's been up to!


Melody: How are you?

Paula: I’m good!

Melody: Good, I am glad to hear that! So let’s talk about you for a bit. How long have you been singing?

Paula: I’ve been singing for a while know, I’m seventeen and I’ve been singing since the age of 6. I start singing and recording since about 10 or 11.

M: So when did you begin to really concentrate on singing as a career?

P: I think around the age of 10, I started really recording and making demos. It was something that I was really interested in. I pretty much would hear a song off the radio and sing it, pretty much every word! I was always looking for the next way to become bigger.

M: Your self-titled debut album came out last August, so how was that for you?

P: It’s been very, very good for me. I just got back from Boston and Chicago, we’ve had shoes in the Bahamas and Hawaii. Pretty much been doing promotions and I am looking to get on a real big tour soon.

M: So you worked with a lot of heavy hitters on your album, from Ne-Yo to Diane Warren, how was that for you?

P: It was a really good experience, meeting those people that you are a really big fan of or that you love their music, whatever it may be that you have a liking to. They showed me a lot in the studio, different pointers. You grow so much in the studio when you work with others that have been in the industry longer than you.

M: Your first single was “Doing Too Much,” who did you work with on that one and others on the album?

P: On “Doing Too Much” I worked with a rapper out of the Houston area named Baby Bash, and he’s like my big brother. I’m a huge fan of his. So much a fan of his that one of my email addresses was one of his song titles. It was an honor working with him. We continue to have a lot of success working together as well.

M: So what is keeping you busy these days? Working on any other projects?

P: I am actually, I’ve been doing some TV stuff, acting as well in a MTV produced movie called “My Super Sweet Sixteen,” It’s gonna be a great, great movie. This is my first time acting, I’ve never had any coaching but it was really fun, getting to do a character, being someone else. Other than acting I’ve been singing as well. It’s just really crazy, I’ve been doing stuff for TV, so I’m excited! It’s moving along very fast!

M: Is acting something that you want to get into more?

P: Yeah, definitely I would like to do that more but right now my focus is my music. But if there are roles that come to me and happen to be of my liking and fit me then I’ll definitely do that.

M: Your on J Records with Clive Davis who is one of the top executives in the industry who has called you a “triple threat” and signing you was a “no brainer,” tell me how you ended up at J?

P: I think he’s been amazing! He’s worked with the greatest singers like Whitey Houston, just being a part of his whole work ethic is just amazing and a blessing in itself. Basically, I auditioned for so many different record labels, and I felt like J Records really had my best interest at heart. I auditioned at like 10 o’clock in the morning and they called me back later that same day. He asked if I had written the songs, and I did, so I think that really helped. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe I’d just been signed.

M: That’s right, you wrote a lot of the songs, how many did you write for your album?

P: I’m not sure exactly, but it was about 7 to 8 songs on the album.

M: That’s great, I think that gives an artist and edge above other by writing as well.

P: Definitely, I think by writing and working with J Records and Arista Records, it gave me some leeway to pretty much do what I want to do, which is great for a first time artist. I want to kind of test the waters so I can grow as an artist.

M: Are there in tours in the future or place that people can be looking out for you?

P: I am look forward to touring, I don’t have any confirmed dates yet, but I just finished the film with Aly & AJ, so I hope I can get on something with them. I’ll keep you updated, it will be on my website. Which they are working on my new website,, there will be more video clips and information so I am excited about that!

Premieres July 8th!

M: So if you could work with anyone, past or present, who would love to work with?

P: I really, really want to work with Alicia Keys, I’m a huge fan for so long. She’s such a classy, well put together artist. I really admire her for sticking to piano as well as singing.

M: Wonderful, so do you play any instruments?

P: I played the piano, I didn’t practice it as much as singing, I pretty much went the other route.

M: So can you describe your sound, for those that may not know who Paula DeAnda is?

P: Basically, I’m very diverse in the music I listen to and the music that I put out. I have a lot of R&B influences on my album, as well as pop. Recently I am getting into a little bit of hip hop as well. I keep it pretty diverse and a lot of my songs the album are about love and relationships and happy songs.

M: Lil’ Wayne is on the album as well, which is an interesting collaboration, how did that come about?

P: It was nothing planned, it just kind of happened. We were both in Miami and he happened to be at the same studio as me recording at the Hit Factory. I finished this hot song and they were like we gotta get someone on this, so let’s see if there is anyone in the studio that would get on it. So they pitched it to Lil’ Wayne, he listened to it and did it in one take. It was pretty cool, something I didn’t expect.

M: What’s your favorite song on the album?

P: I love all the songs, but only because this one is so different, produced by Stargate, it has a European sound, it’s called “So Cold.”

M: Well thanks so much for talking with me!

P: Thanks!