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The rumored preggers, Nicole Richie, was sentenced to four days in jail, the minimum for a second DUI conviction. On the arm of her future B. Diddy, Joel Madden, Nicole arrived at the courthouse in Glendale, Ca. where she pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of drugs and was sentenced to 90 hours in jail and fined $2,048 by a judge who said she was lucky nobody was killed when she drove the wrong way on a freeway. Superior Court Commissioner Steven K. Lubell also gave Richie three years' probation and warned that she would go to jail for a year if she violates it. She was ordered to enroll in a second-offender drug and alcohol program and must prove that she completed it by Feb. 20, 2008.

Sounds like she got off pretty easy, wonder if the fact that she may be with child is why she copped a plea deal?? Her lawyer must be smarter than Paris'...

Source: Yahoo! News