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Dolce & Gabbana Dress for Tameka: $750
Armani Suit for Usher: $1000
Partying with the Famous: $1200

The look on Tameka's face when the white girl gets too close...: PRICELESS!!

Bump what you heard...This Tameka Foster baby mama, wanna be wife, drama is a hot mess and will hurt Usher [further than already] in the long run with fans. I hate Hollyweird politics, but I understand them...Fans want to believe that your attainable and marrying a hag ass looking chick turns people off...She is such a downgrade! We don't care that she's older, but if you are going to date an older woman, make sure she's at least cute [i.e. Chili] and doesn't look like your mama!! This will hurt Ushers next album sales...believe that!

Plus, to add to the ridiculousness that has become Usher and Tameka, NY Daily News reports that Usher is trying to close on his own fansite because the owner has said not-so-nice things about Tameka and Tameka told him to...

And to make matters worse, Usher new album may get the Kelly Rowland treatment and get pushed back as the August deadline is quickly approaching for a November release...and since he's so busy acting like a high school drama queen over Tameka, it's possible he may miss it!

Negro, you too get...The Look!

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