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Monday, July 23, 2007
As Jan Brady would say, "Tarsha, Tarsha, Tarsha..."

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It's all about Tarsha Jones...The R&B flunky-turned-radio host, now pseudo-author is promoting her new book "Have You Met Miss Jones?" The self proclaimed most "Controversial Radio Diva" has choice words for her past co-workers, lovers and of course rival diva Wendy Williams...
"Her insecure ass was focused on me, though I am younger and contracted on a completely different radio station and in an opposite time slot,"

Continuing to say...
"In her position, she should be professionally riding the wave as a leader of the pack or sharing the torch gracefully, knowing she will get love from young ones like myself who desire mentorship. Wendy wants to not only hold on to the torch, but also crush anyone who dares to have aspirations for success. Her justification has always been: 'I'm not helping nobody, because nobody helped me.'"

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I don't live in NY nor do I listen to her on the daily, but you don't have to to know that Miss Jones can be rude, brass and ugly...especially to R&B chicks trying to make it...Rumor has it that she has an unhealthy obsession with Beyonce! I really began thinking she was an ass when she tried to call Dawn of Danity Kane out for her outfit, when she'd just lost everything in Katrina...

Lastly, can someone tell me why she still uses the OLD ASS press pic and used it for her book! Jonesy we know you ain't looking like that anymore!

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