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Despite earlier denials of rehab, Amy Winehouse and her husband, Blake, have reportedly headed to the states to go to rehab and detox from the coke and heroin [or that her-ron, as I call it]. After their parents almost went to blows over a post-overdose binge on cocaine, the pair decided to give in and say "yes, yes, yes" [had to use that again]...
"It was only when Amy saw her family falling apart that she realized she had to do something. She confessed that she and Blake had drug problems and had to have treatment together."

"They both admitted taking cocaine and heroin. But they denied they had been injecting heroin. At one point, both Amy and Blake stripped off in front of Georgette to prove they had not been using needles.

"But they now realize that if they don't get help now, they will both die young. This is their watershed, their wake-up call. Both families were terrified by the state Amy and Blake had got themselves in and decided enough was enough. It was the first time Blake also admitted he had a drug problem. [SOURCE]
Amy, was taken to hospital last week after taking a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, the horse tranquillizer ketamine and booze. [DAMN!]