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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
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So Bow Wow and Omarion are taking a page out the Jay-Z and R. Kelly's play book with a mini-version of their full album collaboration. The teeny bopper duo are set to release their album, Face Off, December 4th! In town to record and visit the TRL Studio, MTV got the skinny on all the relationship rumors and their friendship.

Bow Wow on Ciara and rumored new beau, 50 Cent:
"Once you solidified what's gonna happen, let them live life," Bow said. "That's what life is all about. She's gonna go 'head and see other guys as she should, 'cause please believe, I'm definitely gonna get mine in. That's just how the cookie crumbles. I've been on these Web sites [in pictures] with about four [rumored girlfriends]. I'm living my life and having fun. It is what it is."
So what's up with all the recent outings with Angela Simmons?
"We kickin' it," Bow said. "We go out, have dinner, lunch, little stuff like that. Breakfast. Nothing wrong with breakfast." He also urged us to "stay tuned" to see how that relationship develops.
Continue reading to see what Omarion had to say about Rihanna and how O and Bow Wow's friendship has grown!

...and is Omarion Rihanna's new man?
"That's my homegirl," O answered a little bit more seriously. "That's a good friend of mine. We go out."

So would it be fair to say they have a romantic relationship?

"No, it wouldn't be fair," he retorted. "We are just friends. She's a really cool girl. She's a cool friend. Bow knows, we all hung out together. We're all friends."
So the friendship they have?
"We actually went through a point in our relationship where we wasn't talking. A couple of times. It's to me what makes our relationship real. The other day we were debating about a record, going back and forth yelling. That's what makes this relationship real. This bond is unbreakable. We really grew up together in the industry."

Download the fist single, Designated Driver

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