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Makeda Barnes-Joseph [alleged victim] tells the NY Daily News that she knows the pain of "diva rage" after being shot twice by Remy Ma, who denies being the trigger chick. She says she deosn't understand why Remy and other female rappers turned criminals such as Foxy Brown, feel as though they "can do whatever they want and get away with it."

"They think that because they're rappers that they need to make a name for themselves."

Barnes-Joseph is still recovering from the two bullets that cops say Remy Ma, 26, pumped into her midsection on July 14.

When Brown, 27, got into trouble again last week, Barnes-Joseph was not surprised.

"It's ridiculous, the stupid things she's doing," Barnes-Joseph told the Daily News.

Barnes-Joseph, who says she is currently confined to her bed, will undergo more surgery in October and sees a physical therapist every other day. This is all because allegedly Remy thought she stole $3000 from her purse while at a club.