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It seems the there is a new twist in the "Cirque de O.J" armed robbery case. Some believe that the Goldman Family may have something to do with what is now being suspected as a possible setup [maybe? perhap?]. Apparently the Goldman Family may actually get the memorabilia that are at the center of case.
Walter Alexander, 46, said Simpson may have been tricked because the memorabilia dealer who tipped him off also recorded everything on tape.

“It sounds like a setup to me,” Alexander told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday. He said Simpson had thought the memorabilia belonged to him after getting a call from the dealer.

“He did believe that he was going to retrieve his own property,” Alexander said. [READ MORE]
I guess what happens in Vegas, really stays in Vegas, because OJ is still sitting in the Clark County Jail. Oh and if you think the O.J. wasn't hand cuffed, he was, he had 2 linked together because of the restraints of his arthritis, he is unable to put his hands all the way back...