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Hell yeah, Angie Stone has a shit list too?! Mine is ever growing and you know the B. Diddy stays on the top those lists. Angie talks about her B.Diddy formerly known as Sexual Chocolate, who now goes by Doughboy Angelo and her former label J Records with
Angie Stone on what happened with her and D'Angelo:

"Ain't nothin' happen with us. I never really say nothin' negative about him, but he's on my shit list right now."

Angie Stone on whether or not she spoke with D'Angelo following his car accident:

"Of course. I have a son with him, so I had to speak to him. I'm very upset with him these days. I usually uphold him and try to keep him in the best light possible. I'm really not feeling him right now and he really needs to get his shit together."

Angie goes on to discuss her disappointment in her former label J Records releasing a "Greatest Hits" album:

"That was J Records' way of killing my career. All of it was strategically designed to bring closure. When they decide to do that, it wasn't my decision. That was J Records saving money and saying, 'You know what? We're not gonna spend a lot of money on this album, so let's do a greatest hits.' That was the prelude to the kiss of goodbye. I asked for a release, but they gave me no choice. Wouldn't you have asked for a release if somebody put out a greatest hits album of you? That means that's the final chapter, right? So if that's what you're trying to tell me, you ain't gotta do it that way. Just let me go...but guess what? I got a call from Clive Davis last week. They changed that tune real quick with a number two record on the charts...about to be number one."

And did Angie take Clive's call?

"I ain't even take the phone call. I listened to the message and laughed. I guess their greatest hits ended there."