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Monday, November 26, 2007
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I am no lawyer [yet, maybe] but I said this from jump, T.I.'s only chance of not seeing jail time is to have the evidence thrown out, most likely on a technicality. That's exactly what his legal dream team is kicking his defense off with. Otherwise, that evidence seem pretty damning and could cost him years in prison.
T.I.'s lawyers gave a hint of how they plan to defend their client through motions filed in court on Monday seeking to suppress evidence seized from the rapper's vehicle during his October 13 arrest on federal weapons charges. The motions claim that the evidence against him and statements he made to authorities were illegally obtained. The Associated Press reports that attorneys for the rapper (born Clifford Harris) claim his car was searched without a warrant, consent or probable cause. They also claim that his detention might not have been appropriate, that statements he made to authorities might not have been voluntary and that agents may have failed to honor his rights. The motions don't go into details on the basis for the legal challenges, but state that more information will be filled in later. [SOURCE]