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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
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This is something I can get excited about, because I love Avant's voice. I've been waiting to hear that he was making moves and indeed he has. Avant has just inked a deal with Capitol Records [home to my other B. Diddy J. Holiday].
"They've shown that they're dedicated to push their resources for my projects," says the Cleveland native. "I look forward to a long lasting relationship with many, many hit records."

Avant will release his as-yet-untitled Capitol debut in the summer of 2008. The set will feature production from Rodney Jerkins and DJ Smurf, among others. A single will be released in March.

Meanwhile, Avant will be touring with TGT, the R&B trio made up of singers Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank, and will star in the play "Love in the Nick of Tyme," featuring Morris Chestnut. [SOURCE]

PAUSE! Since when is TGT going on tour, I thought they let that pipedream go when Ginuwine signed that bogus contract?

Now the play...that I want to catch. All the songs were written my Vivian Green, who I love.

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