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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
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I feel like I'm releasing an album...since our in depth interview, The-Dream has been making serious moves in the music industry creating buzz like no other. Seems like we were just chopping it up about everything from marching bands to everything that has gone into this album. The-Dream has become a true friend to the blog, so I'm definitely excited about his Def Jam release LOVE/HATE.

Creating hits for others [Rihanna, J. Holiday, Mary J, Blige, to name a few], is one thing. Creating hits for yourself, could be a daunting task some, for The-Dream it's easy like Sunday morning. The majority of the album, written in just 9 days, is being called an album full of singles. There is one goal in mind for this album, A Grammy!

LOVE/HATE is named #7 Album Of The Year by Blender Magazine...
"His debut is a sublimely skanky gallery of hormonal yarns, love triangles, androgynous falsetto and skittering digital beats. In 2007, freaks ruled the R&B roost, and The-Dream was the freakiest of them all." - BLENDER
Best described as "Prince meets R. Kelly at a T-Pain concert in Atlanta," The-Dream has created a brand new sound dubbed "Electronic R&B." From the Prince inspired "Fast Car" to the the hip-popping "I Love Your Girl" he creates complex melodies and vocal arrangements that go beyond the formulaic norm. The-Dream is anything but cookie-cutter. He is creating his own shape in the music game.

"I Love Your Girl"

"Fast Car"

"Livin' a Lie" ft. Rihanna

Best of all! Here's your Christmas gift from I have FREE copies for my loyal readers. Three lucky winners will receive a copy of the brand new album LOVE/HATE from The-Dream on Def Jam Recordings.

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