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Beyonce and Jay Z, along with BFF Kelly Rowland, were spotted on the other side of the world taking in couture during the Milan Fashion Week.

@ the Gianni Versace Mens Runway Show

Being in Europe has fueled more rumors of a secret wedding in home of Georgio Armani and a possible baby on the way.
The source, a guest who attended the ceremony, said: “It was a lovely, intimate ceremony and a very emotional wedding.

“They wanted to avoid all the usual fuss and attention that normally follows them everywhere and celebrate with the closest people in their lives. Beyonce, like always, looked absolutely radiant, and couldn’t stop smiling.

“The pair of them looked thrilled.” [SOURCE]
Of course no credible source is confirming a marriage and Jay Z has denied that it has happened, however he did hint that it will be soon.

The newest rumor is that Beyonce is with child, or close to having a baby.

We all know that A Bey Bey is way too calculated to go and have a baby, though she wants to have a big family, it's not in the near future. I give her about 5 year...then I think we'll see her really settled down.

@ the Georgio Armani Runway Show

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