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Monday, January 21, 2008

Classic Scene: Wannabees vs. Jiggaboos

It's been 20 years already? School Daze was released February 12, 1988 and we were introduced to the campus of Mission College. The movie served as not only a classic Spike Lee Joint but as microcosm of the African American community.

Interlaced with musical numbers and memorable scenes were messages that looked at the relationship between class and skin color, divesting from S. Africa, education, the greek system and more. It showcases some of Hollywood's then unknown stars, like Lawrence Fishburne [when he was still Larry], Tisha Campbell, Samuel L. Jackson, Kadeem Hardison, and Jasmine Guy. The poignant film is still applicable today...

If you have never seen School Daze, you need to go to you local Blockbuster and snatch a copy like now! Better yet order a copy, it will be a well spent $10! I need to myself because my VHS is worn out!

Plus, this month's Vibe has a great feature with tons of quotes and behind the scenes notables...pick up a copy, it's an interesting read.

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