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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
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One thing you can always say about Pimp C is that he always spoke truth, no matter how hilarious or taboo it was. In an unpublished interview with The Fader, he speaks on the mp3 and digital music debate:
You know what the problem is, man? It’s not that stuff undermining CD sales, it’s that most of the CDs are shitty. Bootlegging is a problem, it’s a problem for all of us but if you got a good product people still gonna go to the store and buy it. If somebody told me right now I could turn on my laptop and go get the new 8Ball & MJG album, I’m fit to go on there and get that ‘cause I’m a fan of and I want to hear it now. But guess what? If it’s shitty I just might not go buy it. What’s happening now is people are reviewing these albums a week before they really come out an if its not what its supposed to be, folks aint buying em.
Well said! Step your album game up and people might actually buy it. Plus, 10 tracks on an album is not enough, go back to studio.

Make sure you check out the rest of the interview, it has some good insight into Pimp C and his music philosophies.