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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
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Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted canoodling in the pool during a Jamaican getaway...Sweet, eh? I think they are just adorable together, I have no reason to hate on it. Funny thing is, I just had yet another conversation earlier today about her overly affectionate behavior toward Jay Z during the Grammys. My eye spy witness says it was almost embarrassing...

Apparently, being affectionate is her thing?!
The Grammy winner, who was thrown a big birthday bash by Chris for her 20th birthday last week, was all over her younger man. "They were smooching in the pool and were really lovely dovey," the spy told us exclusively. "They were playfully making out and he was kissing her on the neck."

The attractive pair, who got matching star tattoos on their necks in January, got in the pool after a leisurely lunch yesterday at the Hilton Kingston Hotel in Jamaica. They were hanging out with friends and at about 3 p.m., Chris, 18, jumped into the water and waited while Rihanna went to her room and changed into a bikini.

She came back and was very scared of getting her hair wet, said the spy. "They were floating together with him carrying her and she kept saying, 'Don't get my hair wet.' She was very soft and feminine but he was a big kid and splashing around."

The couple arrived in Jamaica together on Friday from Rihanna's native Barbados for the Smile Jamaica Africa Unite Bob Marley celebration in St. Mary, where she performed.

So it's pretty apparent these two are an item, so let the daily watch begin, right We have to come out with some compound name for the little lovebirds!

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