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After pleading guilty to charges of assaulting Juanita Bynum in court today, Bishop Thomas Weeks turned and openly apologized to her. Bishop weeks was sentenced to three years probation, plus he must undergo violence and anger counseling and complete 200 hours of community service that cannot be church-related. The pair then left court together...Hmmm?!

Apparently, the two, who are were in the midst of a divorce, met for the first time in months on Monday. Something changed after the "emotional" meeting and the pair are currently "in communication and working on their relationship and the status of their marriage," says Week attorney.

"When I saw him, it allowed me to reflect on the first time we got married," Bynum said. "I thought about the time wasted and the time lost, and I said, `This has got to stop.'" [SOURCE]

I know the Lord says forgive and forget, but these two are getting the side-eye on this one. Just last month, Juanita Bynum made sure to shoot down any reconciliation rumors.