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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
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From bad to worst...

First Dame Dash's baby mama, Linda Williams, put his ass on wide open blast by filing a petition with the courts for custody of their 16 year old son, Damon Anthony Dash, II aka "Boogie." She says her son is at "imminent risk" living in an unstable home with Dame...

Her 3 page petition claims that the teen went without hot water and electricity or 2 months in his bedroom. Additionally, since Dame is broke he fired the driver hired to take the boy to school [due to Dame's fear of kidnapping *side eye*] forcing him to take the subway or even not going. He also fired the cook and other staff, so the boy has no one to cook for him. Linda goes on to call out Dame on his rape case, history of drug use, family history of mental illness, and that he brought the boy to the morgue to identify Dame's brother after he committed suicide on the front lawn the day before Thanksgiving in 2007 by shooting himself in the head. DAMN! To top it all off, he has yet to set up a $10 million trust for Boogie as promised. But since he has lost/sold most of his companies, he's on the poor side... I guess that ProKeds deal just wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

I'm just saying... that's a lot of dirty laundry to throw out there! You can read the full petition snagged by TMZ here.


If Dame is bad, then what could be worse? Not recognizing your own child, that you conceived with a 13 year old. Yes, you read that correctly, 1-3. That's former NBA baller, Karl Malone.

Despite passing on the natural athletic ability, that were the buck stopped for Karl whose son Demetrius Bell is now an NFL player for the Buffalo Bills. The two have had very little contact during Bell’s life. His mother, Gloria Bell, reportedly was only 13 years old and Malone a college sophomore at Louisiana Tech when Demetrius was born. Though he didn't know of his famous father until after he graduated from high school.

“All of that’s behind me right now,” Bell said during a conference call Sunday. “I feel good I made it this far. Nothing against him, but I feel good at this time. If he would’ve been there, yeah, it would’ve been good. But if not, it’s even better. Everything is a plus right now.”

According to the NFL, Malone told Bell that, "It was too late for him to be his father and that Bell would 'earn his money on his own."


You can read more of his story here.