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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
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The day has come for Ar-rah [R. Kelly] to face the music in his 6 year-delayed child pornography case as his trail began today in Chicago... However, the real star in the case? The actual sex tape [which will be shown in the court room]. R. Kelly's defense? It wasn't me.
“Robert Kelly is not on that tape,” Adam told jurors. “I stand before you on May 20, 2008, to tell you [the alleged victim] is not on that tape.”

Adam said that Kelly, 41, has a mole in the middle of his lower back, and that the mole will prove it’s not the singer who appears on the video. The lawyer told jurors that, when the video is shown, it will become clear the man on the tape had no such mole. He said the FBI could not identify the man on the tape as Kelly. [SOURCE]
The alleged victim, Sparkle's niece, will not be testifying, the reporter that received the tape has been subpoenaed by the defense and the defense claims the chick in the vid was a paid prostitute.

I don't think they will convict him. I'm not convince the prosecution has enough credible eveidence.