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Monday, June 02, 2008
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In what I think is a real bitchassness move, DJ Chuck T lashed back at Lil' Wayne for dissing mixtape DJs by leaking his album Tha Carter III.

Most people know that industry insiders are usually the source of leaked music, but rarely to they cop to the charge!

In an interview with Foundation Magazine, Weezy was quoted as saying:
"I ain't into all that," said Wayne. I don't remember no mixtape DJs. Tell this dude who he talking to right now. I'm not into all that sh*t. I don't know no mixtape DJ. I'm the orignator of something. I'ma give him some history. I'm like Authur Nobel. Or whatever his name is. You know the Nobel prize peace (sic) person. You know him? He created gunpowder and all them mass destruction things that killed millions of people. But before he died to clear up his name he, to make his name better, instead of people knowing him for that sh*t he began giving out peace prizes to people that do humanitary good. So now when you hear the Nobel Peace Prize; what you think that is.? That's all good, great. But that n*gga was a mass...that's who I am. I'm him. I created the mixtape game, but I'm not into that no more. I'm doing Dwayne. I'm against it. I'm anti-mixtape dude. I don't know no mixtape DJs. f*ck ya if you a mixtape DJ. I'm not ino ya'll selling me out. I ain't with that. I'm on 25 Top 25 and I ain't even put out 25 mixtapes. f*ck ya'll! f*ck that piff! f*ck mixtape DJs! f*ck all that!"
In a statement about why he leaked the album, DJ Chuck T wrote, "Lil' Wayne said f*ck mixtape DJ' now i'm about to show that boy the meaning of bootleg," he explained. "I'll be damned if I let [anyone] get away with saying f*ck me without him facing some type of repercussions, including Lil' Wayne." He later issued an apology.

My thing, ya'll know Wayne say a lot of ish, most you just have to take with a sip of whatever is in that styrofoam cup.

Soooo...looking for the link? I enjoy having my blog and I can't get shut down behind this but as always GOOGLE is a powerful thing. Make sure to pick up your copy on June 10th!