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I read Friday that Shaq had a restraining order slapped on him and the first thing I thought was, 'what nutcase convinced a judge that Shaq was stalking her?' I may have been right... I came across a post at that described the chick as Bipolar! Alexis Miller [a flight attendant turned rapper named MaryJane] was indeed Shaq's jump off for the last 2 years and things went sour when Shaq didn't pay for her boob job, this according to her alleged former make up artist.

Alexis claims that following their "breakup" last month, he began calling and threatening her, breathing heavy on the phone and sending emails like this:
"I dnt no who the [expletive] u think u dealin wit u will neva be heard from one phone call is I gotta make now try me. Sho me.”
She also claims that he threatened to blackball her from the music industry, willing to pay established artists $50K not to work with her.

All this because he didn't like her being the local industry jumpoff in ATL...The former make up artist goes on to say...
Alexis has truly lost her focus in life and has got caught up in the superficial lime light in the Atlanta scene. Her rapping isn’t as bad as her reputation is right now she does coke frequently and she hasn’t cared for her baby in over a year, her 19month old son is from a previous relationship that was abusive from her hometown in New Orleans. Her rap style is masculine because she is a bi-sexual female.. She is a huge attention seeker that will go to any lengths for a second of the lime life. I have seen many girlfriends of hers come in and out of her life with trying to help her slow down but she always finds a way backstabs them all by being a slut.
It all sounds like a lot of hot mess du jour... I mean Shaq and Shaunie were supposed to be working their marriage out!