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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Everyone who watched the waste of airtime on BET with R. Kelly in his "first and last" post-trial interview on BET, I'm sure had the same WTF look I had! I just am not a fan of Toure as a correspondent and he didn't ask anything we really wanted to know... but he did ask one question worth hearing the answer to, but the response was one that R. Kelly could have kept!!

"When you say underage, how old are we talking 'bout?" The look on Toure's face is priceless! Jesus be a dictionary!

Plus he said people "always have 'pinions 'bout him..." 'pinions?? I can't be bothered!

Funkmaster Flex clearly feels the same way and posted a video blog calling R. Kelly out. Or should I say R.O.B., that what he says is his new moniker. Check it out after the jump!