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Sunday, October 12, 2008
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Terius "The Dream" Nash is returning to the music scene as an artist with his sophomore effort, Love vs. Money, set to be released Dec. 16th. Sticking with his hit-making team of Tricky Stewart and Los the Maestro, this is album will have tracks inspired by the 60s, R. Kelly, pop and R&B. There will also be a guest appearance by Mariah Carey on "My Love."

"In the beginning I was just having fun. I didn't want people thinking too hard, I just wanted them to gravitate toward my lyrics," the-Dream tells "But this time my vocals are different. I've definitely grown in my singing."

An encore to the heartbreak track "Nikki" from the first album will also appear on the set. The Dream says his third project will most likely include a song in the vein of "Nikki" as well, as he hopes to release a full album of the Nikki chronicles at some point. A single has yet to be chosen, but The Dream would love to pull a Beyonce and release 2 singles, one pop and one R&B...

In the meantime, Dream will spend his time working with J. Holiday, Jamie Foxx, Mario and Usher.