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T.I. has definitely been on his hustle, his Grand Hustle I guess, lately as his impending one year sentence quickly approaching. Outside of performing and popping up at events on all coasts, he has acting and book ventures to keep him busy!
Q: In June you signed a three-picture deal with Screen Gems that included “Bone Deep,” a drama called “Boulevard” and a then-unnamed third film. Figured out what that will be yet?

A: ” ‘Boulevard’ is not a definite yet — not a definite title. The only thing we know for sure about on that deal is ‘Bone Deep.’ And no, we still haven’t figured out the third of the three, either.”

Q: Ever thought about doing something autobiographical for the screen?

A. “Absolutely! I think I’m gonna have to write the book first. And we’re working on it now…We’re working on a few different types of books now, actually. All nonfiction.”

Q: What do you think is the most cinematic song on “Paper Trail”? “Slide Show” (featuring John Legend)? “My Life Your Entertainment” (featuring Usher)?

A: “Those are good choices. But it may be between ‘You Ain’t Missin’ Nothing’ and ‘Dead And Gone’ [featuring Justin Timberlake]. I’m real proud of them…[Laughs] Guess I shouldn’t say ‘Porn Star’, huh?” [SOURCE]
A book by T.I.? I think I might want that in the library, I think it would be an interesting read...