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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
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News broke today that Lil Wayne is a new daddy of a baby boy...

Word on the curb is that the young lady is neither Nivea or his ex-wife, but a 22-year old student from the University of Cincinnati named "Sarah B." Apparently she met him 3 years ago and have been off and on since. Report from Christ Hospital in Cincinnati say Weezy was in the delivery room waiting for the new arrival. I also hear that despite publicly announcing the arrival of his new son at the BET Awards this weekend, he has requested a DNA test. Understood.

To add to the growing buzz surrounding this story, word is that he and Nivea are very much engaged and living together in the ATL.

All hear say at this point though!

Update: According to Miss Info, she got the following info from a "celebrity drama insider."
“Sarah B—-w is her name…my ex use to sleep with her too so that’s how I found out.

He wouldn’t really get into it ‘cuz he only told me that to basically be like “why would I be f—in’ her while she is pregnant by anotha n—a?”

She has “Mrs. Carter” tattooed on her chest. She deleted her myspace but it did say she wuz in a relationship and dat she is pregnant with a boy and is due this month…[she] even had pregnant photos up. So I don’t know, I’m believing it….She’s Vietnamese and white. Oh and she’s a lil girl. She just turned 21 in August and this is goin to be her 2nd child.”
My girl Stylerazzi has sources that say she went to Lakota West High School in West Chester, Ohio.

UPDATE PART DEAUX: Miss Info has the flicks of the chick... There are others pictures floating around of a more stripper-esque chick.