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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ryan Leslie is back in the studio and has pushed his album back to February of 2009. Why? Extreme leakage of album. He's no Kanye, only he can leak his own ish and people still buy it. As he says, and I agree, he needs more exposure...
This clip opens with me playing back an extended instrumental arrangement of I-R-I-N-A with some overdubs by my man Jermaine Parrish on drums and Al Carty on bass.

Inspired, I decided to re-visit one of my favorite songs called 'Just Right'. Here's a look at that session. I had to rebuild it from scratch as one of my hard drives had crashed and many sessions had been lost. I love the new elements, and here's to you loving them too...

For everyone that's been asking, I'll be releasing the album in February. The main reason why it's been pushed back is very simple: I need more exposure!